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Who. Move on. Live Dale Earnhardt Jr. the race leader with a lot of company on his back door, Kyle, Busch, Jimmy Johnson, Clint Boyer, and Jeff Burton. Everyone goes to the bottom of the racetracks with the exception of caney tried to get the run on the talk much about Tony Stewart. Now he's the man on the move. Stewart swept out of the inside of Scott Riggs. And now he moves up into the seventh position at a while before he could the rest of those cars front as head off to turn one right in front of to live. Jeff Burton on the bottom. Runoff, turn to grab the spot. Burton will fall in line behind him. So move Casey Cain to the number five position who climbed the banking again at the end of number three. Go to work on Boyer as those to work on Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Jeff Gordon, Jeff Burton tried to put a move on. They're stay that packet traffic with Jimmy Johnson, Clint Boyer, and Casey. Kate is go back in and turn one, but he's lost ground. Jimmy Johnson is under the gun. Now for third party 'em side and outcome, the challenger Boyer muscles his way to the inside a wheel. For third, they'll go side by side for that battle. Now Johnson using the outside lane, Clint Boyer. Occupies the lane down low here comes Casey cane. He looks to go up the middle, almost three wide altered. Dale Earnhardt Jr. leads Kyle. Busch is second. The battle is for third. It will be one by Clinton voyeur at least for now. Here's Jimmy Johnson. Pulling back the outside, he'll reach Allen's, spotted turn, y Johnson, knock done yet powers to the outside. Puts a wheel back Quin voyeur. Maybe Johnson around the outside regained to number three is the best battle on the racetrack Jimmy Johnson around the outside at Clinton Boyer for third boy are now back to fourth here comes Casey, Cain, Jeff Burton at Hello, phony Stewart, the orange Home Depot. Chevrolet arrives on the scene. Carly to that of jeffer-. I've cars locked up in scramble for third places. They roll off four that back down to the start finish line. Casey cades gonna put a run on, take fifth-place away as they worked down in turn to Casey k. climbs the banking to the outside lane. He'll go side by side with point four Boyer down, ownership relate outside. Apart on the back straight away. We oughta wheel for fourth with Kane, having the advantage of the outside so much. So he'll grab the position. He will speak to the outside in that spot track back in the side by side for the fourth position working up all turnover, four Clint Boyer, buried right down at the bottom of the track. Casey canes outside lane. It's gonna work a little bit better. He'll pull around and hold off the charge by Boyer. Jane has the number four position Clint Boyer for the moment, will have to be satisfied with v. Scott break. Tony, fewer Martin true cuter rectal everyone single file to the back straightaway. But Tony, Stewart now immediately goes to work on the rear quarter panel of Scott Riggs. Here's Stewart to the bottom of the racetrack slides at the racetrack in the inside lane, Tony has no agenda as far as the championship. He's out of the hunt there, but he certainly wants to win a few more races before the years out really hanging it out here. The early going at the Kansas speedway sipping complete, pass on Scott Riggs intern, one wedges his way to the inside valvoline dot, Tony Stewart, the hunt once again, goes to the bottom of the rain. He'll take the spot away from ring. They'll take the seventh position away behind them. You're smart and true ex junior and Greg, with their own private battle. Biff is to challenge tournament from through quickly goes away, ripple goes way up. The racetrack collects the outside. Truly the bottle seems like if you get a little bit too high and turns three and four, a saw the same situation with Robby Gordon about three laps ago that wall kind suck you. In at what happened there to Greg biff. What he's still up to speed matter of fact, still trying to hold off Martin drew x. through on the front of the pack, we got a new leader tile Bush to the outside. Dale Earnhardt, junior to take the later would pull away by one car length now too. As Kurt Busch Bush goes to the top of the leaderboard cleaner makes a lot of difference. You mile and a half racetrack like the Kansas speedway. Kyle Busch out front has pulled away some three or four Carling's looking Lou for the back view, beginning spread out the one driver that lost a lot of ground who had a caution earlier here out of Turner before Jeff Gordon is working his way back up the front. He's all the way up to tenth over and turn to very quickly worked his way forward. One thought at a time. He got the position about five, five nights place for a couple days just gotten around Martin true ex, junior. So Jeff toward on the comeback frail while further up came peels a challenge from employer at Boyer who led earlier this afternoon wants to come closer to the front. He'll have to wait though this time he falls back. Back in line is Kyle. Busch has become the eighth different leader, the banquet, four hundred. They don't hurt junior his second, Jimmy Johnson, third, Casey, Cain, fourth, and Flint foyer fronts. Fifth told you few moments ago that Greg f Alantic close in counter with the wall of anything. It's helped that Ford fusion the call Cincinnati time. He's gone by Martin true XI's gone by Jeff Gordon and now he's passing yet another car off turnover to follow his progress because at car has come to life here in just a few moments. Again at the front of the pack. It's Kyle. Busch left eighty three in the banquet, four hundred from Kansas feed way this Maurienne radio, the voice of NASCAR. Chris rock straight from the NASCAR stands, pure, the 'nother member of our Toyota racing family, Jason. Hi there. Oh, you seem impatient. Oh, well, I've been holding it in for a while a while since it started the race. Now the season while gives you don't wanna miss any action. Nobody don't own. Did you just eat any handling? Take the leave, taking my eyes off him and you don't look so good can offer you some water. Absolutely not NASCAR until iota racing with a family like this who knows place. You'll go in the playoffs, learn more at Toyota racing dot com. Toyota, let's go places rich Famer to the national association for soccer arteries to the road home. Philip would soon open the official. You'll of NASCAR high quality performance for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track, whether you're pulling up to the pump or experiencing the excitement being the track on race day. This will be a four things. They've already topped it up with service complete second fan of note, no fuel, and he's down at away from trust enough to be the fuel that capture the essence of racing and Philo with the official fuel of mass. Dr. The banquet, four hundred rolling along the Santana Kansas

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