President Trump, Kevin Corke, Governor Cuomo discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Two billion dollars in crucial small business support to keep workers on the payroll seventy five billion dollars to aid hospitals which really need the aid and very badly very proud of that and twenty five billion dollars to support corona virus testing efforts president trump with a corona virus task force briefing Tuesday the house is expected to take up the bill and a slim build session on Thursday we're also learning more about the president's plan to temporarily suspend immigration here's what we know so far a temporary halt on immigration it would last sixty days and apply to those seeking green cards for permanent residency it would not apply to individuals entering the U. S. on a temporary basis and this will course will be re evaluated once that sixty day period has passed this is Kevin Corke the president meeting with New York governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday afternoon the two reaching a consensus on testing states will manage their own corona virus tests the government will work to get the materials needed for them it ends the whole back and forth in the finger pointing in a very fair and smart way it's a smart resolution the president called the meeting with governor Cuomo very productive more than a quarter of the forty five thousand U. S. deaths blamed on the virus right now in New York state southern California hospital is reinstated nurses who were suspended last week after refusing to care for patients infected with the virus because they lacked protective respirator masks Wall Street Tuesday the Dow lost another six hundred thirty one points nasdaq down nearly two hundred ninety eight the S. and P. five hundred dropped eighty six points America is listening to fox news what is what's new today's topic who's the greatest of all time for my money it's progressive home and auto bundle it literally saves you money gentleman your thoughts look at what I'm saying she had a full it was amazing and I was told you so I disagree thanks fellas took the words right out of my.

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