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How viral this case went on just a single Facebook page, that selfie was seen by more than 40,000 people. Ryan Sims, come on in. The man accused of hitting and killing two men on I 5 at Seattle last month facing a judge now on Monday Antonio Lopez expected to enter a plea on two counts of vehicular homicide vehicular assault and hit and run troopers say Lopez was driving a Jeep when he hit Skyler Thornton and Terrell Aaron to south of the west Seattle bridge. He pleaded guilty to another deadly hit and run in Isabel, that was back in 2017 at a time when he was only 15 years old. 7 34 here, northwest news. In fact, every ten minutes on the forest, John Nelson for you now from the high performance homes traffic center. I don't have a camera shot of this situation, but I'm still getting a report of a stalled semi blocking four O 5 northbound the ramp from south center of boulevard. So I just keep that in mind if that's where your destination takes you. We do have some ongoing construction highway three O two right around purdy drive. It's in pierce county. Also, the on ramp block northbound I 5 from two 20th street. This is due to a big construction project, the on ramp closed for road work highway three, they're at from Chico way in the silverdale area as well. I'm John Nelson, our next northwest traffic at 7 44. And let's go to our friend komal TV's Theron zone with our forecast sponsored by northwest crawlspace services. Most of today we'll be swing gray with showers around western Washington, some of those showers fairly heavy, temperatures are going to top out in the mid 50s today and more snow will be falling in the cascade, especially those higher

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