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Y. A. M. Schenectady W. G. Y. F. M. all but the capital region's breaking news traffic and weather station listen anywhere on I. archery track to hit the northern Bahamas tomorrow we're Dorian goes next good question I'm doing that slur fox news this is a powerful powerful storm the thing that's been so hard to track down is where exactly it's going to add that Spock's meteorologist Adam clots Dorian still a category four hurricane with sustained winds clocked at one hundred fifty miles an hour forecasters are revising its track this is taking you from Tuesday morning by the time we're getting just off the coast of Jacksonville that is down to a category three you're into Wednesday morning running all the way up into the Carolinas near the Carolina coast that's taking you all the way towards Thursday now falling down to a category two storm south Carolina's governor now declaring a state of emergency something the governors of Florida and Georgia did days ago Florida governor Rhonda Santis emphasizing what forecasters call the cone of uncertainty meaning the track of this storm is still uncertain he says people should not get complacent you're looking at these forecasts you know a bump in one direction or the other could have really significant ramifications in terms of impact if it bombs further east that obviously is positive if it bombs just a little west then you're looking at really really significant impacts theme is now re routing supply sending them north but deputy administrator Daniel can you ski says because it's not unusual for Florida to get hit by hurricanes being prepared now for this hurricane or future hurricane decide best practice to make sure you got your food in your water in your medicine but also make sure you're financially prepared authorities in France emphatic this was not an act of terrorism an Afghan national in custody for allegedly stabbing ten people at a bus stop near the city of Lille one of those victims died America is listening to fox news it's a summer savings an alley with dell's Labor Day sale get up to three hundred dollars off some of the newest del an alien where computers with Intel core processors plus save on top brand electronics like iRobot Roomba vacuums all with free shipping on everything visit dell dot com slash Labor Day or call eight hundred by dell that's eight hundred by dial in is the greatest motivation learn how an ASU degree can unlock your potential tax school two six six five nine seven discover the more than two hundred degree options that can be accessed from anywhere on your schedule a I see one line includes an entire team of professors and advisors dedicated to helping you discover your own path and create your own opportunities unlock your potential today with Arizona State University online learn more about Arizona State University degrees offered one hundred percent online text school two six six five nine seven that's S. C. H. L. O. L. two six six five nine seven recapping our top story hurricane Dorian still a category four storm with sustained winds of one hundred fifty miles an hour that's seven miles per hour shy of a category five the hurricane now with that eighty miles off west Palm Beach Florida but it is not heading that direction the Bahamas expected to take a direct hit tomorrow night then northern Florida on up to.

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