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Main today on the westbound A. W. Bilous between fifth street and fourth street so that stretch of roadway will be blocked off you can expect delays on central between self proclaimed apartments which are fake and have your sunshine today and a high temperature in the upper seventies then for tonight that low jumps into the low sixties tomorrow and on Sunday and on Monday sunshine and a high in the low to mid eighties right now we've got a temperature of fifty three degrees your Memphis morning news time is seven oh five Martell foundation join the T. J. Martell foundation in the fight against leukemia cancer and aids your support helps facilitate cutting edge research that will lead to more effective treatment and save more lives visit TJ Martel dot org use X. promise for a cure members morning news seven oh six thanks for joining us all the big programs business says Sam tipped in Fayette County much of West Tennessee parts of eastern Arkansas starting to ease back into the swing of things with different variations of phase one I know in fading tipped in counties restaurants starting to have the ability to slowly open up one thing with that happened yesterday this was a huge thing was that we can afternoon press conference where the mayors of Shelby County city county municipalities all got together and announced that Monday would be the beginning of phase one that the safer home order would be lifted and it would be an opportunity to start getting business is back open many businesses not.

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