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It will be rescheduled at a later date so the Players Championship vows for championship the WGC dell match play championship the Valero Texas open or all canceled and now the masters is also going to be at least for the time being canceled or postponed because you just don't know I'm a week we could thank okay eight weeks now we can be fine this thing may not be in the situation we may still be you know numbers may still be climbing or we may be at a steady it may stay steady for a while we have no idea it could be gone in six to eight weeks of off topic the mind because the numbers will have plummeted so much in life can return back to some normality but at this moment we don't know and then of course the NCAA canceled their entire this is the greatest thing they can just cancel the tournament for the men and women all late winter into spring sports now as are all canceled that's it John Calipari yesterday talking about that and how upset in particular seniors are I got calls from other cultures where they're seniors for Bali interiors like we don't get the chance to do this the reason his team doesn't have that because he has all the one and done so go play Kentucky those the guys we're gonna go the NBA's they can't go straight to the NBA for my school so they go to Kentucky and then then they go off to the NBA so he would know what a senior it's you know hit the really big programs early same deal it's the last thing is this way not fair no one's fault decisions had to be made I would imagine if we could find out there was so much emotional people in rooms when they had to make decisions and in the end of the day everybody suffers but forget about everybody these kids yeah and if the NCAA because Gino Auriemma who who coaches the Connecticut women's basketball team and who's their massive they want god knows he's won more championships outside in in college basketball maybe only wouldn't has more than him as well as several other coaches saying you know what you guys did to do the right thing and you need to grant these seniors another year of eligibility right like the one in downers are gone but you need to grab the seniors because most of these kids in my most I mean ninety nine point five percent of them they're done playing they may play rec game here there but they're done this was their last hurrah now's the chance say if the NCAA smart so you don't give him the opportunity to come back they don't get a finish out their season the most important part of the season which for the championship side of it all is incomplete so we're going to grant them the NCAA's got enough issues right now with the way that they've acted and have they been perceived in many cases it's all true this is a good time for them to say we're gonna do the right thing we're going to do the right thing and grant these people these young kids an exemption for one year and allow them to play on next year three two three five three twenty four twenty three at Chad Benson shows your Twitter favorites without me you can text the program as well love hearing from you last night I was I got home I was relaxing and I'm like I wanna watch anything but coronavirus stuff I probably read yesterday probably read fifty heard articles by the time the show started and continue to read read articles out today and everything so I got home and I'm like you know what to do I don't want my favorite thing in the world which is gun smoke now it's on the aspirational channel love gun smoke at the Virginia got finance a little bit later right wanted dead or alive I love it love it the commercial came on the folks in a day and age with all the chaos and craziness that are flying around in a day and age where you've got lunacy and people are the just everything seems to be negative this commercial came on every thirty minutes I watched it I laughed on YouTube continue to do it again because it is that awesome it would be wrong with me to keep this from you in this political insanity that we live in in this lunacy fighting back and forth politicizing everything there's finally a way there we can settle it once and for all with chess.

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