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To us on the CBS Sports APP or The Odyssey and We're live in Boise, Idaho, today and through the end of the week and actually to begin next week, as well as we are here for the Boise State, Oklahoma State football game and plenty of Seahawks fans in Boise, Idaho, and in this region, the country Seahawks fans have plenty to rejoice about because they're one and oh, and got a road victory on Sunday over the Colts. And two things that I think Seahawks fans have to be very excited about. Number one Russell Wilson, still making it look easy. Only five incompletions and four touchdowns nearly had as many touchdowns his incompletions on the day. And he found Tyler Lockett a couple of times, D. K. Metcalf once and just overall. Russell Wilson looked completely in command of the offense. And was phenomenal is absolutely going to be an MVP candidate this season. The other thing was how often the Seahawks pass Rush got to Carson Wentz. The only sacked of officially three times, but they were in the backfield constantly. Harassing him constantly. They stopped him on that fourth down, try as well and overall made Wentz and that Indianapolis offense. Completely impotent. So if that Seahawks day can be that harassing on cube es, especially Eight. Colts offensive line that has been a hallmark of their success the last couple of years, a strength of the team. The Seahawks can be really, really good. Chris Carson also went off. He had that big run the 33 yarder. He finishes with 91 yards on the ground, and Seattle also runs for more than 140. The Colts team. That's supposed to have a sturdy defense and a good offensive line was beaten up on both accounts by the Seahawks on Sunday, So a lot of good came out of that that Seahawks victory. You know, I often times Make fun of Russell Wilson, and it's because he's a total corn ball. I mean, he's just He's a total corn ball and Almost nothing, he says, comes off as just genuine. And it might be exactly who he is. It just does not come off as natural or easy going. And so he's an easy target to make fun of. But I have never questioned his football. His football is Italy. He is clearly one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He is clearly an M V P candidate as he was last season and picked up right where he left off. My criticism of him came this off season. Where Russell's agent Did. Release a report to Schefter. Whether Schefter when digging or whether it's agent gladly handed this over and wanted to leak it. But that Russell Wilson had given his franchise. The preferred destinations to be traded to because Russell wasn't feeling the love. And my point all along has been not feeling the love. They have fired and hired of multiple offensive coordinators for you. Last year, they threw deep, They built an offense around throwing deep to the team's detriment to take advantage of your ability downfield. Pete Carroll after the playoff loss, admitted with his exit interviews. We probably got to wound up in the deep ball in the big play, and we should have backed off of that. They have given Russell Wilson and all of the money they can. They have made him one of the highest paid players, quarterbacks in the NFL. They drafted D. K. Metcalf, and they are consistently trying to find a a run game to support Russell Wilson. You know, it's funny when Dan Marino or John Elway needed a Super Bowl when the Broncos of the Dolphins finally we're looking for run games and could find them at least in Denver. It was seen as thank goodness. They finally helped John Elway. You know Terrell Davis. But in Seattle, it's like, why are you focusing on the run game so much? You don't think Tom Brady benefited last year from the run game? You don't think that Aaron Rodgers benefited from Erin Jones. You don't think that through the years Joe Montana but benefited from Roger Craig. Like great quarterbacks. You don't think Terry Bradshaw needed Franco Harris, a Rocky Bleier great quarterbacks benefit from great running backs. Try Aikman's in the Hall of Fame, at least in part because Emmitt Smith was in his backfield. Yet in Seattle, they drafted they try to bring in running backs just like why are you? Why are you spending so much attention on the running backs? Take care of Russell Wilson. So I just I I barked back against this idea that Russell hasn't been given enough there that he wants more because I think they've done plenty for him. But this is not to take away from his football. Russell Wilson's elite He's sublime. And on Sunday he was exactly that again. At the Seahawks. You have a great season. Not a good season, a great season. Sunday was the start of what could be winning the division, getting a by and being one of the best teams in the NFL. What it was also was a real eye opener for the Colts. Offensive line got badgered. Defense got picked apart.

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