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For 23 time for traffic and weather. Together, we start with the super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. And here's David's attorney. Thanks, Madison. Everything up North and out west of town is nice and quiet. All the problems south of the city Expressway North bound. You're down for the count there from Quincy up to a right lane crash it French Bird Parkway. Just the left Lane's getting by there. On the expressway South Bond. You locked up east Milton Square down through the split through three. North bound heavy and slow nearly three miles to an earlier crash crash blocking the two left lanes after Route 53 in Norwell, only the breakdown lane getting by their further north. Yeah, and it again a mile and 1/2 from after Union Street up to a right wing crashed before Bergen Parkway in Quincy. Just the left lanes open getting by their route three south on you sluggish right down to Union Street. Then it opens up right down through Plymouth. On 95 delays between the top and 1 28 and up on the street in Norwood, both directions lower into 1 28 Using some spotty congestion both ways between Kendrick Street Needham and 1 38 in Canton at lower end of 93 North is crawling from before were 37. Braintree to the Raintree split, David said Roni W. Busiest traffic on the threes. The four day forecast a sponsored by town Fair tire, We get a live update from AC you others. Danielle Middle, Daniel. Well, medicine. We do have a severe thunderstorm warning back out here in our area covers a southwestern Suffolk County, North eastern Norfolk County, South east Middlesex County in northwestern Plymouth County until five o'clock Ah, in this thunderstorm right now, that's near Norwood that is moving very slowly to the East has the capability of producing wind gust close to 60 miles an hour. Same signatures for quarter to even close to 1/2 dollar size Hail potentially with this thunderstorm along with the torrential downpours and frequent lightning and we're seeing that activity, though stretching farther off to the north, as even at Faras, almost a Portsmouth, New Hampshire now and we're not going to be done yet, anytime soon as we're seeing war showers and storms still building back over western parts of the state pushing eastward, so very unsettled evening things settle down a little bit later tonight with the leftover shower storm Low 67 tomorrow. So while a couple of showers and thunderstorms back in her area high 73 upper seventies though, for the inland suburbs tomorrow night and Tuesday mostly cloudy with a shalwar thunderstorm, Tuesday's high in the lower seventies and we'll stay on the cooler side for Wednesday with clouds and yet again a shower thunderstorm. 74 degrees Mackey weather meteorologist Daniel Nettle W B Z Boston's news radio. It is 70 degrees. Looks like rain is closing in on Boston at 4 25 Looking for name brand tires. Town para tire has him all Michelin Goodyear. Bridgestone fires Don't be a good ridge, General Uniroyal Continental and more every neighbor entire that guaranteed lowest price. Nobody beats town.

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