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Francisco suing their own school district. Shocking but at the same time, get him back to school. Well, what else are you going to do? I mean, they have. The school board has no plan whatsoever to go back to school. They're not following the science and the city is like, Hey, guys, come on, get it together. We gotta figure something out because the next county over the vast majority, and I mean like 90% of the schools are back in business. Yes. Anna and we get to it later. Honestly was heartbreaking. This high school football player in California. Talking about? No scouts, no games. No chance for college. Thanks a lot. Newsome. Like, Wow, Man, It's not just the athletes as you've pointed out several times, David and so have you, Scott. It's kids in general, and it's the follow the science, but they don't seem to do it. It's frustrating. All right, let's get to a new pillow company. Yeah. S O David Hog. That's the kid. He went to Stoneman Douglas High School, which, of course, was the site of that horrific school shooting on? He's gone on to become an anti gun activist and is now trying to take on the pillow game. He wants to put my pillow out of business because the owner Mike Lindell, has been actively promoting election fraud claims, and he's got a documentary or something out about Broad and says that Like the end is near, if it doesn't catch on or something, but I don't know if the guy is kind of weird. I like his products. But Wendell's kind of crazy well, Dominions so as suit him too. Oh, yeah. For what a billion dollars or something like that. And his reaction was bring it on. You're going to get exposed, okay? I'm interested to see what happened. Oh, yeah, Crazy, but it's like, okay, I'm not. I'm not turning away from that. So David Hog wants to make hog pillow or I'm not sure if that's really what he's going to call it. It's gonna be called. Don't Hawk my pillow. But he's running into a few problems and free by the way. This is no joke. David Hog was on CNN this morning talking about his idea for a progressive pillow company God This should be good..

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