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Many point out what about big Willie. Mario initially pointed out Chad for frame of reference the Bengals fifty greatest players list that you voted on remember that it was Munos Anderson Riley, and boomer those were the top four. Chad was number five on that list. Let's see the reds. It is awfully difficult to leave Joe Morgan off. But I'm I'm gonna do it. And I'm not gonna penalize for. It's just Joe wasn't initially a red and was arrested for eight years. If you compare the tenure of rose and bench and Robinson and lurking those four, I appreciate caller, Mark referencing in picking vodka vodka. Feels like too much of an in the moment for me. If we do this list in in ten years or twenty years ago, probably as good shot of being in the conversation. If not on the list, but in the moment, not ready to do it. Let's go back to the phones. Jack crumley pointing out from the newsroom know, Jim Brown. How can you not have Jim Brown? Right now. It's Brady Lawrence Taylor. Jerry Rice at Reggie White. Now, Mario pointed out that Reggie Bush should be on the college football is because he's the greatest college football player he's ever seen. I would raise you a Reggie Bush with a Herschel Walker Herschel Walker in three seasons at Georgia rushed for sixteen hundred eighteen hundred and seventeen hundred yards. He's the only player ever to finish in the top three the Heisman voting. I mean, think of that he finished in the top three of the Heisman voting in all three years. He was in school. He was the SEC player of the year. All three years he was in school, and he has his number thirty four retired despite leaving early. Now, I'm also an Archie Griffin guy as a kid I stood in line at the mall. One time to get Archie Griffin's autograph only two time Heisman winner. Three time. All american. Think of this number. I'm about to tell you Archie Griffin rushed for one hundred yards in thirty one straight games. That's an NC double a record thirty one consecutive games. In his time there the buckeyes went forty five and one winning four big ten titles. I'm trying to think of anybody obvious on this the college football list Earl Campbell not on the list. Who else I missing from Reggie Bush offered up by Mario? I don't know if there's anybody. I'm trying to flash defense. Charles woodson. My missing anybody obvious on a couch to represent college football on this list. Reggie. Vince young. Yeah. But it's Vince young going to go over Tim tebow. No, oh, come on. Don't give me that look dim the Heisman Trophy winner national championship team started quarterback leader in the might not be a better leader in the history of college football, the Tim tebow. I'll give you Vince young was I you know, what I'll put Vince young in my others category. Let's go. Let's go back to the phones. I've got one too. I've got four lines open grab one five one three seven four nine seven thousand one eight hundred the big one and pounds seven hundred on AT and T, Jerry. What do you got for a Bengals list? Oh, you cannot think of the Bengals either coach wise or you could go NFL with why are you not being Paul Brown? Aw. That that greatest football mind ever. That's good. I mean, you're you're right. I mean, how do we leave? How do we leave the Bengals? Oh, I'm making you my second caller tonight tonight. I'll take you have a great night. Thank you. How do we do that feel like idiot Paul Brown out? Now put him on the Bengals list. He certainly he clearly goes on the NFL coaches list of we do it NFL coaches list. You could make the case for the innovations. He did you could make a case for him being on the NFL is in general. But how would you not put him on the Bengals laced and unless we are going to cling to this is a players list only. But then you're leaving sparky out. Paul brown. I feel bad. I should be docked penalty points. Mason the next stop Aaron you're on seven hundred w w. Yeah. Well, now Rushmore Robinson. I agree with bench. I would say Lee Rozov for all the.

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