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You know that's one of the shames of this great football season and I use great in air quotes here of course can't see those on the radio but you know eagles giants that used to be man blood rivalry you know these teams didn't like each other it was a lot on the line the giants when they could win a division the eagles when they could win giants cowboys big rivalry no no it doesn't really matter that much jets Miami I mean we go back to you know they don Shula watering the field back in eighty two not they're not there there is it's like okay it's another game game you should win but it's just another game and that's the sad thing one thing I'm coaches we we talked about his Dale and did he deserve to be fired with with the team be better off without him and you know what I think maybe what the next need to do is just say forget about winning games as you're playing the kids play the kids play the kids just let him play let him fail and fall on their face let's see if no looking a is any good let's see if the Knox is any good well let's see how bear it shakes out and you may have already made those decisions in your mind but let's give them a full season volume till they drop and get them experience and let's see what you got in the care about winning games now fear Nick fan that's not so good you know you don't want to go to games that only now we're gonna lose this game but really what do you got now you for any team you're going in the game's thinking you're gonna lose anyway most likely so you might as well lose plain the kids giving them experience and seen what you got with them and maybe what you got with them is a much then if you you know that well okay they don't fit into your future plans but right now you know Steve Kerr said it best he could come and coach this team I wouldn't be any different and I think there are coaches who transaction sport who no matter where they are no matter what kind of talent they have they're going to win you know now if they have the awful awful talent no they're not but I mean if they have decent talent you're going to get a win out of them they're going to exceed the level of their talent and then there are coaches who have think I good squad and get good players and players make plays though when but they really are kinda neutrals in terms of what they give you know their competence there professional but they don't you know it really all depends on the roster and then their coaches who just don't know what the heck they're doing and those are the guys that okay have hired him I got to get rid of this guy because he doesn't know what he's the one and he's he's fumbling about new use packing and you know he's hunting and pecking and basically just hoping he'll hit the right formula but he doesn't know what it is and that's the latter group then maybe we've had in New York for a while but I think the majority of coaches are just okay confident pros and given the players no one with them don't they won't and maybe that it leads top five percent of the ones that can win with yours and win with theirs but they're few and far between okay let's go to Justin in Manhattan kick us off this segment you're on the family do have some open minds by the way go at Justin you're on the air it's happy holidays how are you and you too good so I try not to listen to the radio too much this week coming off the jet flaw that go on up that myself I'm not sure how much this will discuss but I think one of the main differences between the two teams last week with the bank of women in the jets backfield and the jets continued ability the inability rather we're back and I think when that started third overall pick what a Williams started actively not it's tough to see you know buffalo with at all over who is picked I was there for pics later maybe five picks later yeah but I think five sacks in the past three weeks we've has one sack and the blow coverage against Miami see this guy to show up added but it is that correct yeah well I'll tell you what I mean he's he was he's supposed to be a good run stopper not necessarily a pass rusher but I think you're right it was macaque men's tech and he could have gone in another direction he could have gone for Josh Allen from that point and didn't do it not too many people second guess the move thought are you know okay you guys funds and solid and he's OK but you want that should be better than okay you want that pick to be exceptional Pro Bowl caliber some day and you don't see it so far so yes not a good pick so far we'll see how it shakes out let's go to Tony in Middletown Delaware you're on the fence only yeah good morning I just want to say you know both glaring indictment on the New York Giants the fact that seven wins may win the NFC east and we're not even competing for a seventh victory this late in the season so that that really should does shine the brightest light on the top coaching staff and the fact that it just may need to be changed it got ownership it is in fact these soldiers that can't get these got motivated to play games well I I don't know what motivated that they can't get them to win motivate thank you do you sense or lack of effort with the giants often or do you just think they're just not that good well I think it's stupidity and arms and that that's the main thing and I think that the players are not an inmate at the at the coaching gained it the players are not getting the game so that therefore you gotta understand eighties players don't get it so let's dumb it down and an unfortunate just what it is and the intensity just isn't there because they know they're they're not playing for anything and that's important intensity when football games in this scene cannot be dismissed that is not motivating these troops to win a ballgame and I don't I wonder if going to Daniel Jones as early as they did send a message to the players that Hey we're not expected to win this year we're developing a young quarterback or did the players look at the situation and go you know on this guy really does give us a better chance to win and after the first two games epic bay game okay missed field goal that they still came back and won the Washington game you thought okay you know maybe it was the right move maybe this guy is gives us a better chance to win the new line manning ducks but after that you know you started lost the Minnesota lost the New England lost Arizona right Minnesota New England the better teams their playoff teams zona no Detroit no we've seen Dallas not be so good so I think the jet game was really one of the big turnarounds where you say okay the jets on any good you got to beat them couldn't do it Chicago okay well they just beat Dallas Chicago Green Bay you're not expected to win that one I mean they're just so many games here where you go in and you see these guys are better teams but Philly Washington Miami in Philly again now you should win two of those games if you're any good and none of them just be the giants aren't any good motivated or not sterling in Brooklyn you're on the fan good morning Richard morning I have two questions you're both met related first on the news of the ownership this week is it me or is that hi I mean just a little on on it just a bit late because the the post of the apple juice all right now all the trades and free agency has begun added if the master gonna make a splash now that they have this injection of money or will have the injection of money does it seem like the master kind of like a step and a half behind well I see my question and and I'm I was trying to get at with Rick Cerone before and I don't know that we have the answer is you know is is pretty much a done deal and does it mean that Colin can immediately step in and say Hey you know runs owners out there go after him he'd help us a lot or you know Strasbourg give voice if you could steal him from Washington boy that would help a lot and spend the money to get them or is it well he's not officially approved yet in the will plans don't want to spend money that they don't have from Colin you know if it was guaranteed that Khan was willing to go for the in a box and say Hey look if it doesn't work out and I don't get the eighty percent or baseball doesn't approve me which I don't think it's going to happen I'll I'll cover it I don't know why but but if if that infusion of money is pretty much guarantee that Hey man we wanna win will spend what it takes then you got guys out there who can help you not merit shacks and and you know relievers if they sign for one year who looks kind of good last year but why are they the answer no so I guess this week will kind of know a little something with the winter meetings with baby who the master talking or not yeah I have a question on the trade with Morris neck I like it I I like more is Nick has worked out for the other he's never played every day in his career and I don't there's nothing to me that that even everyday centerfielder what you'd bankers I don't seem as being that much better than one look Eris hello health I guess but but a guy with a good glove who's a two thirty ishe hitter yeah I mean he hit ten home runs in seventy four games of projected Musee located twenty home runs but he's very much Wanli Garris who's been healthy so I see him as a guy that could start against lefties a guy who could be a defensive replacement in close games late but I think Brandon Nimmo was going to get the lion's share of the games in center field if if nothing changes if they don't go out and get somebody else so I don't know that I mean this is kind of replacement for look Eris as far as I can see robin Clift in your on the fan rob okay good morning nobody seems to be talking about Steve Coll and as a builder of organization and I'm just curious to find out does he have any kind of reputation of getting the right people in the right positions and I'm talking about not so much the visible positions but scouting and player development and things like that well not in baseball I mean in his business he's he's hired a lot of people who've made him a lot of money and given them a lot of latitude and what they do and if they don't succeed he gets rid of them so in that sense he's built an organization but in baseball not so much eight seven seven three three seven six six six six you can't help but love this time of year.

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