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Was diane the warrior princess for a minute but it didn't. It didn't work out. So i really don't think i did but you know i don't think he did. I didn't know. I think that you honestly just inspired him by coming out. And that had to be hard. Look i want to just quickly. I think it's so important. Because you and i share something that i think it may be. I think we both to people that have always wanted attention. Wanted the life of the party. It's like selma going to do something. Up here goes rosenbaum. He's we've got to do something to fit in. At least i've always felt like i had to fit in so and i know you talked about. I think i talked to you about this. And you think a stress had a lot to do and we've always like if it's one person. I could relate to in terms of who relates to stress. For some reason. I just always dressing up with the little things. Also my body's number. Why are you worried about the contractor coming over this morning these still. I know you've been like really working on that and it's still dressed the thing like the things that we thought were little things they'll still you still activate yes. I still stress. And i'm working on our to help it. Let let me ask you. Do you think stress has anything to do with bringing out. Do you think it has a huge part of salute media. I mean i do I think stressed the mind body connection. Is i really hope that he will stop saying you know like there's just rain like oh you just have a brain. No it's it's because i go in and out you notice of speech patterns being imperfect and in some movement and I forget what i'm going to say. There's the point. Is that the. This'll be like one of the biggest What were you saying again. Michael the stress stress. You're saying to me figuring out how to get through. When i my brain just kind of you take your time and you just do it and by the way so it's stress and like so. How do you deal with it you know. I was born stress. It's my thing. I may be came from like a histrionic family kind of dramatic. Some.

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