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Ma'am she was a nun you know. And i said ma'am. I put my neck on the line every day nine times a day and when i come home i say my prayers and my blessings and every saturday and sunday. I missed the ball games. I missed the cheerleading wrestling and soccer games. But when tuesday comes i don't have the heart to take these kids and drop them off at the school and so i- hook up the fishing boat and we go to the other direction and pack a little lunch and we go out on the water. We do something to the bowling alley. We go do something. Well mr davis. That's so great of you. She says you continue to do what you're doing and just be sure. They do their homework on tuesday. I said no problem so we worked around a little bit. It was great. Wow that's That's a bit of me of raising kids on the race. Right the the question of the day the fantastic question of the day. Who is your biggest man when you're riding races all my mother. Yeah my mom. Bless her heart. She died a year ago yesterday on the first of september. And see i'd flyer all over the country chicago. Del mar in She got to meet tim conway and she was just the backbone of the family. She was all four foot eight and just full of vinegar and honey you know she was. He didn't wanna rubber wrong but she was so much fun and she always told me she said. Don't let nobody tell you can't do it. And they don't believe in you tell him to sit back and watch because you're gonna show on and she was just fabulous in all. We really miss her. That's robbi davis. He showed him. Wow what a fun visit by. Thanks to sean clancy and to robbi davis for taking time to be so candid. There in that conversation just outstanding. That's why this is the best racing radio show on the airwaves right now. Stuff like that that. That kind of stuff. That sean draws out of those jockeys is so incredible and robbie was fantastic and really my thanks to both of.

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