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It twice a year. Or do you want that separately into your contract that twice year they bill you for that separately, So it's not built into the monthly amount, actually, Same with flowers or annual same thing. Do you want that built separately? So then, that way, Sometimes you can say I don't want to put flowers on this quarter, or do you want it built into the contract itself, where it spread out over 12 months, Okay? And then the company three times a year or twice a year, automatically puts the flowers in. Makes sense. And folks remember everything that William is suggesting. In a request for proposal. We want everything you want everything to be in writing. In writing is the most important thing that we can get across on this show. You know, the other thing is Once you have these things in there, it's very important to know. Does the contractor that you're hiring have an inspection process? How are you knowing that he's actually doing the work? Is he that does the contractors uh, office send you over a notification on on what days are going to be there that month? Whether it's irrigation or pest control? How many, Uh, service calls that particular month there's going to be so that's really important to make sure that you know that they have a form. Of inspection that they can either have somebody sign off on. If you have somebody it's working on property like a property manager. That's uh, an on site manager. Some properties have what they call a portfolio manager. And a portfolio manager may only work on the property 10 hours or 20 hours a week. So those managers they would have to be arranged to meet on the property to go around and do the inspection to make sure everything's being done very. And, you know, it's very important. You've heard this many times. Inspect what you expect. Sure, right? So if you don't inspect what you expect You may not be happy with the end results. You know, down the line, right? Do you have to set the expectations? And I guess that's the point of the request for proposal. Exactly A lot of times. Uh whoa. Go and look at the property and We're looking at the rest request for proposal that's been handed to us and we're looking around and we're going. Wow. You know what? This request for proposals and excellent request for proposal. But what I'm looking at on the property. None of this is being done. Apparently, you can tell the property has not been well fertilized. There's pest damage around the property. There's irrigation issues. So my question always goes back to is. Do you have your last inspection report from the current company that is servicing the property so we can review it? And hopefully you get more than a blank stare. When you ask that question again, most of the time we get the blanks there. I see. All right. Absolutely. Okay. Insurance requirements. Uh, Reno that that's very important. So, I mean, you know, you should have an established amount. Of insurance requirements, depending on the company and a lot of times your insurer. If you have an insurer, they'll tell you what the report what they think the requirements should be, for that contractors. Sure, hold whether it's you know, a million $2 million general liability coverage. Whether it's 500 to a million dollars on the vehicles that are driving on the property. There's different insurance coverages for different things. General liability is if something was the fly and get damage a vehicle hitting a so if they didn't have proper vehicle coverage and a vehicle hit something general liability won't cover that. I see you got to have the different insurance coverages. And then there's Workman's comp, you know, so that's the state requirement for employers that have We're all their workers and going back to home owners. A lot of these homeowners hire people in the neighborhood and again if they don't have a corporation, and they don't have license and they don't have insurance. They surely don't have workmen's cop on their employees. And if one of their employees gets hurt on their property, their the end user and today we're where, unfortunately a sue happy, uh, environment sad But true, Yes. And if an employee falls on the property, Uh, what usually happens is, uh if he if he did not Workman's cop and the company didn't have Proper insurance. Uh, the attorneys are going to go after the homeowner. Yeah, or or the property owner. If it's a it's a rental community, if it's uh if it's an H O A. They're going to go after the homeowner association to cover all that are You know, loss of time for work. The injury itself, the medical. It all will fall on that community, and we certainly know from our experience here, and I heard media that that is not the case with Qatar's edge. Oh, that you provide workers cop and some of the crew members that you had out here or really doing some kind of some tricky you work when it comes to being way up in the error. And you know of the high trees and I I think you have some people who specialize just in working way up in the air, and that's a That's a great point. Right? Because a lot of times, uh, these smaller lawn companies Because they're they're trying to make an extra buck. Uh, they'll go. Yeah, we can trim those trees We can climb up in a tree and trim on every aspect of the landscape industry requires a different license. Uh uh, The insurance is different. The workman's comp coverage is different from, uh, long person to a tree climber. It's much higher for a tree climber. Uh, Also the license requires certain training, so they have to go through training throughout the earth, So they have to have a certain amount of hours of training each year for each category. So again why it's important that if you're hiring a tree trimmer, you're hiring a license tree trimmer tributaries? Sure. The other thing is is you know when you're looking for these contractors, and again, this goes back to any type of contractor landscape or not. You want a list of references while with phone numbers, so you can give a call to somebody and say, How was this guy on your project? How does he do on your community? Can I come out to your community and take a look at it? And, you know, make a date just especially with, you know, large properties. You know, you may have to get put on the list of the security guard check to get into the property. But most communities, the managers, they're very apt. They're like, Yeah, absolutely. Come take a look at my property. You know, we love our landscaper, and we're very proud. Come take a look at and you could drive through our property. So most are very open to allow you to come out and take a look at the property. So it's really good to go and take a look at the work that the other company was doing before you accept their bids. And so a couple other things, you know. Don't take the word that their license require copies of the license. Absolutely in the bed. Uh huh. Uh Certificates. Any certificates they have, or associations, uh, that they're involved in. Well, if they're landscape inspectors, those are always great to have because it gives them even more knowledge and make sure you're getting out qualified person. If you're a very large property and inventory, their truck, some equipment So you know that they have the proper equipment and trucks to be able to handle your size property. Some some communities even require a P N l. They want to make sure your companies large enough and has the funds to be able to handle your proper interesting A P and l a P. And L. Yep, required required that they be have a drug free policy. Absolutely, you know, distracted drivers policy. And a documented safety program. And if you go onto, uh, cutter's edge, you'll you'll on cutter's edge pro dot com, Right and you go to our Facebook page..

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