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And hunter henry very consistent guy threat will reception fifty and a touchdown the i've travis benjamin and you have gordon who's a decent receiver out of the backfield uh gordon inec ler pretty good stuff there and on rumbling brings a house on that team rivers can move but if he if you bring a big blitz alunan williams will beat you on the outside and they mix it up or if you've got akchurin aired you bring a blitz you get that screen past the him an openfield you're in trouble i think i i think the chargers and that's what i'm just gonna remember now i think the chargers offense of line over the years is underrated because they do protect rivers long enough for him to get rid of the ball now a lot of that is veterans savviness from rivers uh but again they give him time this guy's dangerous the more time he has the better in the more point you see the better he is but the more mount appoint you see because he's darn accurate he's got that weird hitch the way throws the ball when he first came in a legal my he's now lasted for years but now he's been around forever daynet up and i say if there's one team and you guys can agree or disagree if there's one team that's going to offset the steelers are the patriots right now my money beyond the chargers while i am look if you want to play overreaction to this game there's probably four because the jacksonville jaguars looked lordy and that's a team that's already went into pittsburgh and beat their ass earlier and look i talk about seattle because you're not a had edelman hate the bennett brothers and that clown and uncalledfor play games over he jumps into the knees and a victory formation and then pretty much starts a domino effect uh for the.

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