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First Celtics player with thirty five or more points, five rebounds and five or more cysts in a home playoff game since Paul Peirce. Correct. Two thousand three. Doing stuff that we haven't seen since Paul Pierce right there, man. Well, it's. It's been a long weird season. Right. Yes. And he has been saying for a long time, you know, what's wait until game seventy five and the playoffs, and then you can start judging us and here it is. And we're too, and it's been it's been it's been weird in the same way long season to see what the warriors looked like boogie cousins hurts himself. He's done for the foreseeable future. I mean, they haven't come out and said that he's done for the playoffs. Right. We just assuming that it's done. Yes. They come say said no surgery, but I can't imagine. He's again, we'll keep an eye on all of it. But the the season loan arcs, though, we're talking about. These season long arcs at some point we're going to land and they're gonna land on July first, but they've beginning to land now in April boogie cousins out. I mean, again that this is the moment the war's supposed to put him right on the table. Like an ace ace in the hole here. It is try and beat us. Now, your boogie cousins ready to roll. Now. He's hurt. We'll see what happens there season-long art, the rockets. What are they doing how they gonna look what's going to happen? How can they push the same rock up the same hill and get to a point where they just need to win one of the final two games in a series to beat the warriors. They're up to oh on the jazz. Harden looked phenomenal last night just phenomenal. As always to he had a nother thirty point game in the plows. He's beginning. So far in the playoffs. We're seeing the harden in the regular season from the regular season. How? Often. Have we been able to say that? I think this so far is the first time. We're seeing the hardened from his MVP and bleed into the postseason. It's just two games. Ricky who was just dry his heart out right here. But he did the shimmy and he missed the shot. But he still shook him putting his Tennessee had a triple double last night their career season postseason triple double this. He now has the most assists in rockets playoff history harden career at four hundred thirty seven passing Hakeem Alonzo Lon. How about that? We've that is your play officer Ligo. That's quite a stat right there. L zero's just on fire, by the way, great job yesterday. Eric a two day with you get me set for this show, and then all the schedules coming out and that was great yesterday. Chris recite yesterday out here, you may not like the way James harden plays. How it looks or whatever. But it's so affected. He's so dominated when I heard that. I thought who you know, I think that's a pretty pretty fair. No would never say. The one thing. I don't like about his game is the step back when it's clear travel, and he never they just get away with it. Well, I think that's the that's the move the NBA. Now, it is remembers the euro step for years. And now it's now it's step back. But it's on guard -able. The poll question brought.

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