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The right side to left lanes will easily get to buy no problems being reported on I. ninety five all the Baltimore Washington parkway between the two belt weighs in Bulawayo on three oh one both ways near Excalibur road in mill branch road you're under police direction for the brush fire activity there south on I two seventy at Watkins mill road the left lane gets you by the work zone otherwise in Virginia are clear on the beltway no problems on sixty six south on I ninety five often on the brakes anywhere between the course one twenty three and Falmouth your biggest delays are on I ninety five south down the offramp to the prince William parkway due to the crash eastbound on the prince William parkway blocking the right side and a single left lane getting you buy over top of I. ninety five also a tight squeeze coming off of the ramp from I. ninety five to go east on to the prince William parkway after that you are clear to continue toward route one if traveling in Fairfax station this was southbound one twenty three ox road nearly chapel road for you were under police direction for the crash activity there in downtown expect crowds to continue the build for this afternoon scheduled protests you mindful constitution Avenue both ways between nineteenth and third streets are closed as well as other closes in place with the full list you can view on our website at WTOP dot com need new windows window nation will defer your payments for two years right now get to windows with every to you by call eight six six ninety nation or visit window nation dot com I'm rob Stallworth WTOP traffic daytime highs today.

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