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Our number two underway here on this tuesday morning. Get a special. Thanks to janine. And in the crew for coming in janine and kim and a little little factor tear which was sitting in a corner Just listening in writing some notes down every once in a while he was like The pr campaign manager. For janine. i she never had one. But Jana crop pitcher with any of the questions. I i know That not everybody out. There is in the agricultural industry but it impacts everybody so Calm seven zero eight three four eleven sixty joining me now. Up on the hotline are syrupy for before. Vip guessed it is kevin lionel out of the colorado and kevin Can we call. I mean what what adjective are you using for saturday's win for ceus. You guys have to go on their way to go. Is that ugly by Very needed and and I guess supervising victory. It was surprising. Maybe the best one By very good win for 'cause you know like we talked about that's lido team is is no joke. They certainly look like they had a notre dame hangover. But let's see a. Are things pretty well to win that one especially defensively to me laid out and tweet so see she goes in. There is fourteen and a half point underdogs. They win by sixteen. Don't score an offensive touchdown. I'll take who had that on their bingo card. Yeah it's pretty wild. I mean especially in modern day. College football to have euro offense touchdowns. I that does not happen often. So very weird game. I free ugly al outweighs but Apologize for it. Nor should they Ugly win i still win and Like i say that defensive performances really impressive so stephen made me look dumb. evolve spent all day friday colon For his head that he needed fire. It was inevitable and they come out and win this. Does this put rams fans at easel. A tiny bit. I wouldn't say it's changed the scope of of feeling big picture In any significant way but it is again a nice win that at least gives hope that may become conference. Play They can you know maybe a little more successful than i think. A lot of us have expected. 'cause he's yeah again. I three a tv so it's certainly at least calms things down for for a little bit. Yeah it it almost gives them a couple of weeks. Because i don't think there's anybody with realistic expectations. That expects you to go. Knock off iowa this saturday. The i mean you may even be able here in the background. I'm out canvas stadium and their philosophy crowd noise fake crowd noise to try and stimulate the iowa game it but yeah that's one. I mean no one expects you go win at number five iowa so This weekend isn't really going to affect people's morale or anything But that that's a win. I think at least helps by some anger Until conference play starts in a couple of weeks. So what were your positive takeaways. I mean obviously the defense was outstanding. But still a cause for concern when your offense doesn't get in the end zone. Yeah i think the is great especially seven Kind of presser. Tomorrow is excellent Jack towel and his first college start play. Great positives Offense we david bailey. Looks pretty solid align with eastern..

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