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If you're sitting in traffic on eastbound, I four good news. The crash at five thirty five has been pushed off to the side. Bad news now westbound I four brand new crash near four thirty four. And that one is in the center lane. We'll get you caught up on traffic and weather in just a few minutes. We've been telling you one of the rarest coins in the US just sold for two hundred four thousand dollars at an auction at the county convention center, our own Gene Wexler, spoke with the Massachusetts man who came to Orlando to by the nineteen forty-three penny. I'm just curious. Why did you buy this particular penny? We feel this. An unusual opportunity. This is discovery coin for this coin was the first one discovered in nineteen forty seven. By gentlemen, Don from pittsfield, Massachusetts. Got the rare coin market and collectors very interested in the fifties. And sixties when this this came out and forty three there were still sense meant to because of the efforts of the war where the steel was needed for the war effort. There was only those nineteen pieces total that were minted in copper. In other words, the same battle for all the other years of sense. So this is a a really rare piece, and that's the kind of thing the public in relate to as when they hear about one like the selling, for example, they'll they everybody thinks they have lot of it. Of course, they have the steel subs-. But this to to just display at shows that we go to and just enjoy the, you know pride of ownership for now. Eventually it'll be for sale what I was reporting about this earlier in the week experts said it was going to fetch like one point seven million. But you got it for two hundred grand. So how did that happen? But that that was a piece in and it was a different nicer quality. How much more were you willing to go? What was your ceiling for this one? I expected I'd have to pay in the mid Mitchell hundred thousand that's what I was expecting to sell for and and beyond that, you know over the past. But it it went to much less than expected. You never know what to expect an auction. Do you put this one up there as as some of your top collect collectables as far as other coins? Does it's it's one of the rarest US coins. Curious. So it's it's it's it's up there in there aren't any new ones coming on the market. It's so it's it's a tough tough coin. Really reclaim all right. Kudos to our. Gene Wexler for tracking down Tom Caldwell from Massachusetts. He came to Orlando to go to the auction at the Orange County convention center and pick up that rare coin two hundred and four thousand dollars some people collect rare art some people collect rare cars, some people collect coins. But you heard him say he's just kind of wants to show it off at coin shows..

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