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Totally that's called a mutiny right sure your coo the isn't mutiny on a ship year right a half i think probably i think it does but a coup d'etat who data khuda any who's so but i think that at the end of the day we're not saying if they fight each other or what you're saying goes picking who would win mascot okay so it's got to be gold night yeah okay golden knights jamie lancaster yet good reference i mean just like king slayer scher so next up the ducks versus the sharks easy remember when i said the match ups a lot of times when we did the football ones but where would they fight in the air on in compartment okay don't call back to it i'm not in charge of facts but facts are facts okay so i wish there were more to say here sharks are going to eat the ducks it's pretty clear you could put all the mortgage on that put the house on it this is what gamblers say these are the things that allegedly put the house on it put the house put it in your house and smoke it okay accept the lightning versus the devils one is above and one below leave it to you richardson i don't know actually you look at me sometimes i feel like i should say where if the devil where to take human form that'd be weakness because in the lightning would know what to strike it could strike him if he doesn't if he's just like a a neva force will then will then then what there's no way to know right lightning strikes wrote what i write.

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