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Been cleared ahead by Pavelski for Garriott. Off down the right side puts on the brakes knocked off a stick by Lauren. If the play it is yet mark Hold up by circuit hits in a swell Battle for the puck corner to the left of the Tampa Bay goal. Lightning working free Johnson. Where's the zone? And then it slipped ahead by caloric as the lightning go for a change. Oleksiak up the left side for hits. Now it is Hasting into the Tampa Bay's own stickhandling puck taken away lightning move it back down point for plot now the right wing. Pass intended for future off Buck was bouncing on a point. I had hastily point ableto work it back out now over to the right for turning back into the slot. Getting a stick on. It was hasty. Hetman keeps it alive, and now the stars will clear. It is an ISIS call against Dallas 5 16 remaining period, too. I want a job of defending Dallas is doing When the Tampa Bay Lightning have had the opportunities To make some plays. We're just having a difficult time getting getting the puck to the prime scoring areas. Head for Dallas. Jamie Oleksiak. Cores gold to give them the lead. Off the draw. Shot by head Been sticked aside by Khudobin. Rachael off and hey, skin it with the assist on the election goal. At 12 30 of period to puck.

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