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Right now it's Kevin king, who is often injured and plays very, very inconsistently. The hope is that the guy they drafted in the first round Eric stokes from Georgia. I believe from George. I might be, I think Georgia, I know AJ Terrell. I don't know, I'm getting a marker for you. I've done so many predictions. Anyway, the drafted Eric stokes in the first round, and the hope is that as a year goes on, he will emerge into the starting number two corner. So far he's not the starter, but we'll see as the year goes on, that is probably the weakness of their team is that they have a couple of rookies on the offensive line. They have a bit of an unknown at the number two corner spot, which that's very little, but that's enough to say, well, hey, they're not quite as good as Cleveland, who is really deep and really, really good or Tampa who literally does not have a hole on their entire roster. But again, you're assuming Aaron Rodgers can make up for it with his immense talent. Remember, he's an NFL MVP, one last year. Now edge rushers Preston Smith and zider Smith need to bounce back that a down year last year. I do also wonder if 2019 first round pick rashawn Gary is gonna get in the mix and make an impact this fall. Currently, and technically, he is behind Preston Smith on the depth chart. Keep your eye on that. Will a former first round pick pan out? We're showing Gary and have an impact this year, getting after opposing quarterbacks. Now, look, on paper, this team is really, really good. Again, rookies on the offensive line. Number two corner, minimal concerns, but again, I just said it a minute ago. Your thinking that, hey, our veteran, MVP quarterback, Hall of Fame quarterback is going to get us over the hump and help us win enough games to get past the Tampa Bay or beat a Cleveland and the Super Bowl beat up buffalo, something like that. Now, you also have to wonder, can they get pressure on opposing quarterbacks? We'll find out. Those are kind of the weaknesses and the question marks of this team. There's not very many. This is a really complete, really good football team. The question is, again, can their NFL Hall of Fame MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers get them over the hump and beat a really good roster? Or this just be another year? So many years in a row where the packers have had a really good deep playoff run and fell just short. Is this a year where they get over the hump? Or is this going to be another NFC title appearance and a loss? We will find out, but I think it's very possible to packers win a Super Bowl this year. They are contenders. The question is can they get over the hump? And also, can they avoid injuries? Okay. Man, let's talk about Minnesota. This.

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