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To thank you. So thank you. Bye. All right. Let's talk to Andrew from California. By congratulations you're now the quarter of a percent on your way to a personal million shows. Somebody was doing some math. Gave enough time. Thank you for being for being a part today show in calling in and reminding me that got a lot more work to do. So just to answer your other questions what have I learned from the show one of the most obvious things is quite how different host people's opinions couldn't be. And that I probably shouldn't pay attention to all of them. You just pay attention to ours. That's the really important. Was a gay were hundred percent, right? Always taking opinions is choosing which one. Then that the truth So I gotTA follow up on that injured. That's a good point because one of the things we try to do is present different opinions even sometimes, we don't agree with them we at least try put them out there. You know obviously if it involves abusing a horse, we're not we're not putting it out there but you know different ways of doing things, different methods, different health things we do try and put them out there. So that makes me happy that you say that because whether you agree or not at least you know, right. Yeah, yeah. It's good to have a variety to choose from my usual approach is to make the ones that seem to fit with everything else I kind of think I know. And that often works is sadly sadly, not totally infallible. Okay can you please call every episode because I am just a melting listening to your voice so wonderful. You shouldn't ob speech talk about the seats of echoing. Say No never mind. List bilingual. Bilingual. British American are almost the same point now British deteriorate. Improved. That long as we're lead me the right direction on how to pronounce the Word Huff. Okay. So we my work here is done. Thank you Andrew we appreciate you today to talk tomorrow. Thank all the fun over the. All right. Let's go to sidesaddle Sam who's in Kentucky Hi Samantha. got. Morning guys did you like Gosh it's so good to hear your voice. Glenn. You know Jiang Recognize Jen has my phone number saved in the computer she. Answered the call my name. That it was sidesaddle see wasn't he? No just SAM. Sandler. Be, working right now are you taking a break? No, I'm done for the day okay, cool. Early Riser. Sam As. Always, thank you so much for being a part of the show and for listening to US and for letting US pay your pony at Rolex when you riding sidesaddle out writing. You know if you guys have been at Rolex in two, thousand, eighteen would have married somebody. Yes. But we were responsible for you meeting you and your bride met each other without any of our help. Yeah. And it's true but I was going to ask to be one of my witnesses. Oh. You know I have married a few people when we had the company as the king, we did several weddings I officiated the ceremony. So yeah..

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