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That makes sense if we look at it from the system point of view so i have a not platform generally i'm i'm buying renting it as opposed to making it ballitser have a platform what are the what are the requirements taxi run analytics system well so let me talk about two different models kinda build it yourself at bill to yourself i mean how's it yourself so trend in the it is you're starting to see a lot of the cloud providers at a lot of infrastructure to take away the traditional operational burden on iitit's kind of interesting in that we've learned a lot of lessons that creating they were houses and things like that are extremely expensive time consuming the wimpy great if you could go to you know a microsoft azure or google compute engine or an amazon and build your application there let them worry about storing all that you know really all of that data that's often really expensive so there's kind of that aspect that and we are seeing trends in the market where either sas based companies are building that and just because of the the scope of what i r team can mean to some customers they choose to go that route because it's a big initiative for them to bite off to get the kinda value that's looking at so the the you do have to take a look at the the expense that can be very costly for not just because of the data volumes to make sure you get the the are based on the the problems are trying to solve the numbers of users so that's one aspect of it the just to clarify you're saying the do yourself or not do yourself which is interesting because you're saying that has to do with basically housing the data and if you do yourself you're talking about building your own warehousing.

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