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Ago. I was talking about five as monkey wrench and then virgin radio played monkey wrench. I think it was the same day because just crazy at all the list of songs and the talking about a song they haven't heard a long time and then suddenly suddenly as played is almost like boop boop boop boop is like the twilight zone but the craziest of all is so coming from the uk butler finishing school But you're taught to hold the knife and fork correctly. I know this is great. Amusement among some about the whole knife and fork situation i mean i think that when you turn the full ever way round almost becomes like a shovel this is how some of the americans and they put the knife down and they shovel with the folk. But i've been told that having it round the correct way is more like a shovel but you know what you delicately. You know if you're eating a place of english peas it delicately crushing the ps onto the fork. I mean i had one of my former poke because i did give education in In in culinary etiquette and table manners and you crushed the ps onto the folk and then move them up to your mouth does a very elegant delicate way vetoing But anyway going back going back to the topic here. So i moved to the us and dipped in chicago and then moved to albuquerque. Now you could have front adult at a world map. a thousand times never hit albuquerque. Why would you want to hit albuquerque. I mean the green chilies accident the gifted that but the But i moved that one of my favorite songs obscure song a lot of you listeners. Out there probably wouldn't have heard it highly recommended banco prefab sprout great eighty ban. Patty mclean was the lead singer and one of his songs was called the king of rock and roll and the line in the song. I think this is the lyrics amid difficult to tell. Sometimes i know. That's another whole cost mispronounced lyrics. But it goes hotdog jumping fast albuquerque. One of my favorite songs had the town of albuquerque contained within it and within probably twelve years. I was living there. The humble butler living in albuquerque and when my favorite songs growing up still is one of my favorite songs king of broken road. Prefab sprout had albuquerque in it. Now you truly reaching the subliminal payless twilight zone so the council howard staff declined to leave filming of brigitta and sex scenes when it comes to protecting historic softeners. The start castle. Howard take their work extremely sarasate. Attendance employed by the stately. Home in north yorkshire so committed that they're declined to leave the room during the foaming bridgeton sex scenes. The period dramas revealed produces selected. Howard costlo casa. How one of the several historic english locations for the regency romance one of netflix's most success or original series privately owned grade one listed estate. Hope to the howard family. More than three hundred years ago has previously done duty on bride said in the television film adaptations of evening wars. Bright revisiting of usc. The juke summoned bassett played by a gauge on page. enjoy several moments of marital bliss. Was bride daphne. Bridgeton rolls around the film and the sex scenes have been tightened with vintage intimacy coordinators. I mean i mean how do you do get a batch that says that your intimacy coordinator. How could one train to be an intimacy coordinator. I mean is it. Rigorous training is. It didn't debt training. Do you have to remember the intimacy training guidelines. Is there an intimacy training bible. I mean i guess it could be days. Lawrence's lady chatterley's lover. That could be one of the probably central reading reading lists i would say most productions also insists upon close set meaning one crew member. Who need to be president allowed to see the performance in the state of undress. proved difficult to enforce it. The castle howard stop been instructed to ensure the net flicks crew did not do any damage to the eighteenth century property when you go into a country house. There's as far as text -bility than you'd ever imagine. He can't even make the bed. You conduct mid the painting and you can't even move. The ball said one of the one of the staff members. Turn into leading the cost of howard and dinner the and paid spent a lotta time in that bed and it was blue monitors and room and they were doing the sex scenes and they would leave. The idea of a closed. set is absolutely sacrosanct. For the ramona's their jobs. Who are more sacrosanct to them so there was scenes with us where nobody actually left the bedroom to shooting a sex scene and they would say go easy on the bed. Go easy on the bedpost. Maybe some sort of like regency alarm should go off at that too rigorous with the post if is fair of the bed collapsing or something which expect the post lockdown causal. How been high demand on the domestic terrorists. I'm sure a lot of people be going along expecting to see some rump. Pompey and these bedrooms and being sorely disappointed But anyway i think maybe that could be interesting career for one so from one black hole to another. I guess a the oldest and biggest black hole has been discovered in the galaxy. Wang almost two hundred billion suns and located in environment where temperatures reached a sizzling one hundred million celsius the object at the center of the galaxy cluster. Able twenty. two sixty. One should should be fell easy defined but a black hole thought to be located two point. Seven billion light years from earth has gone missing posing mystery for the astronomers scanning the universe clues as where it went however even astronomers hunt for the missing black hole of stargazers detected a new one for the observation of a quasar swirling massive light matter circling back hall and they've They've also named it. A series of numbers the quasar points to the existence of the most distant supermassive black hole found to date located thirteen billion light years away. Emily six hundred and ninety million years after the big bang is twenty million years older than any black hole previously detected and will Scientists believe provide important insight into the formation of the universe. Wonder like if you cut a tree in half and you count the number of rings if he if you have to do something similar if there's there's a calculus or some sort of vernier calipers measuring stick or something to count. How old these black holes are i mean. How earth would you determine how the black hole is. I mean it's hard enough. You know as you get a little to count the rings on a tree but determining how old One of these ancient when thinking back holes in the universe's must be nine on nine impossible or you need incredibly powerful. Telescope said percy graph. Pacey gra notice. Sheryl dot gather looking at today the prunier rises like an expert. It will be time in the next few weeks to prove rose bushes which is always a satisfying job. You send step back and walks white for those newly shape bushes to transform into mountains of flowers. Big old mounds tokyo bounds. You got the bush is very much a catch word when it comes to rises because there's so many targets ministers of great gangling old-fashioned shrubs to fat hippy. Fat hit hedges to hybrid tea roses. How they all have things in common comes to spring. Pruning holiday skied short in recent strong sheets. Those the green new smoother rather than the brown and rough the base flash will be produced onside sheets avoid. The extended will be made for sheets imprinting guinea shorting existing suit. Sorry shoots to a few buds and cut back fat new big shades to make them produce. Lots of flying shoots in terms of how far to cut. Rose varies so much. How the cutting back. Fifty fifty percent is a good ruinous on a green thumb shorter growing and sinister varieties to be more gently pearn. Positively not brutally.

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