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You know what this would qualify as a meltdown too. Because it involves keith. Olbermann anything involving keith. Holman you talking a guy who's as unhinged as it gets a guy who is always appears to be in the middle of a mental breakdown. And i love this because cole beasley is speaking for a lot of people. Kobe's a little a little more militant than most when it comes to the The vaccine if you missed the news over the weekend cold beasley put up posted on twitter. He called it a public service announcement any essentially posted a personal statement saying he is not going to get vaccinated. And if you read it. They're not gonna. he's not changing his mind. He is completely convinced that he doesn't need the vaccine. And i don't blame him. He's young he's healthy is obviously fit. He's a. he had a great year last year. Buffalo see red eighty two catches If you don't know cole beasley. He's one of those you know. Tough ass white guys goes over the middle gets hit and just keeps getting up and plan on. But he's not any and he says he'll give up his career you know he's he's making i think he's got Two years and twelve million left on his contract making six million a year and he says he will walk away. He will he will. He will not play before he'll get vaccinated and and it's a pretty strong statement. I think i made. What did he say omit. Here's where he kind of loses me because it's just so over the top. I don't know who's who's In his head or who is speaking to but he writes quote. I may die of kobe. But i'd rather die actually living. What does that even mean. That's a little extreme. I mean he. He says that he's not. He has friends family members whose days are numbered. If they want to come and see me stay in my house. They're coming regardless of the protocol. I didn't know what that meant. And then i read the protocol. The nfl says according to their rules protocols players can't have more than fifteen people at their house so they every rule in the nfl. That you can't have a fourth of july cookout or you can't have your extended family over on father's day now of again. I don't even how you check. I guess you look at social media and you see these guys host of pictures on instagram of their fourth of july parties and then you bust them but initially you hear beasley say this and you can get whatever you know. Don't get vaccinated. They can't make you and they can't. They can't make him but they can certainly make his life more difficult players who don't get vaccinated have to wear masks l. times by the way did anything look more ridiculous than the nba. When the coaches head masks in the nf nhl. Also the coaches wear masks and nobody else's like the fans aren't wearing the players rafts. Just the coaches in like the score keepers. Is it really science. It's just absurd but beazley's completely against i mean he's not changing as he says. I don't play for money. Find me if you want my way of living and my values are more important to me than the dollar. i'd. I'll play for free to live to live life the way of lifted from day. One if i'm forced into retirement so be it of enjoyed the times i've had either way. It's a win win. I'm not going to take meds for a leg that isn't broken. I'd rather take my chances with kovin and build my immunity that way. That is my choice based on my experience. And what. I think he's best. I love my teammates. Enjoy playing ball because all the outside bs goes out the window in these moments. I just want to win the super bowl enjoy these relationships that will be created along the way. Thank you for everyone. Who's been supportive. And he points out that there are lots of other guys who agree with him but he says. I hoping i'm doing my part to represent you guys. Well he's a second team all pro but he knows lots of guys agree with him. I think the latest estimate is fifty. Five percent of players have been vaccinated but And albert bright about this news on monday morning quarterback if you're not vaccinated you'd better be good you better be and beasley good. You better be really valuable to your team really important team because if you're not vaccinated they're not gonna keep you around if you're marginal if you're if it's if you're battling for position as a special teamer backup You know nickel nickel corner and you're going to get another guy and he's vaccinated and you're not You're the they're going to. They're going to pick the guys vaccinated because it's just easier. They have to. You know the the guys who aren't vaccinated have to. They can't leave the hotel. They can't go to restaurants mean they. They have to stay in their room and wear their masks when they travel. They're just making it difficult. If you're like beasley if you're an anti vaccine or you just choose not to get vaccinated. Your life is going to be difficult. They are pressuring guys to get the vaccine. Some guys i believe who don't want it. don't need it obviously. I mean everybody knows young fit. People don't really need it but it's become a thing you know it's become a an issue and they want everyone vaccinated and they're going to pressure guys to get the vaccine whether they want to not beasley to his credit. He's standing up at saying he won't do it. I don't think they're going to cut him. But they're gonna make life difficult and we'll see how many guys follow suit. But i mean clearly if you read this. It's standing by his principles by his convictions. It's not he's not he doesn't mention. You know the biden or trump or any conspiracy theories or he doesn't sound like some crazy. Robert kennedy no antibac- baxter. He just says he doesn't want to take meds for a leg. that's not broken. He knows he's not really vulnera- bullies knows he's not gonna die knows. Probably not if you're gonna know it if he gets the virus and he's just like i'm not doing it doesn't sound too crazy to an inch to me a little bit little bit strong with the thing about living life. But of course this brought out the crazy provex irs the authoritarians out there who want to hold everybody down inject them against their. Will that the leading voice. You know the leading rational reasonable voice against beasley and in favor of vaccines of course would be crazy. Keith oldman can we hear from keith olbermann. You know after the news about cole. Beasley going to get vaccinated. Because because of some meaningless word salad in your head like that chicago cubs baseball player about how other people must get vaccinated. And then when they do that means. You don't have to or is your excuse. The threats of lawsuits against the vaccine mandates from new york city law firm. Or are you from the marjorie traitor green school. I don't believe in science. I believe in god if that's your anti vaccine excuse. I don't trust science. I have god. Let's test that theory from your.

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