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Sort of a soft hold out did play in the game, had two picks one, pick sealed the win over the Cowboys. After the game, he was asked about his status with the team and just not practicing in general. One hundred and I'm visiting myself if there was a little mean I'll be out the Rex about through anything down to small. I gotta hit eight. I'm not. Taking the wrong way. Refine Jalen. He said, he's not practicing even if he has a headache. What do you think about this from Thomas? So I'm not mad at him. I if foremost let me just say that it's different than the Levy on Bill situation because he's still competing in the games on Sunday with his team. But what I will say is after not practicing and then having to pigs versus the team, you said you wanted to play for and taking the ball in doing so he might never practice the Seattle. Again, let me just put that out with that being said, it's a slippery slope in team sports because the investment that each person in the locker room has is not only for the team is forced teammates. And so when you speak into a microphone and say, if I have any element, if going to stop me from practicing, I get the, he wants to get a big time contract from the team that he that he actually deserves for those. Who have been paying attention. He actually has rated as the top safety vizier so far throughout the first couple of games. So he's legitimate at being probably the best at what he does. It is head-scratching for me that the Seahawks decided not to take care of him. And when you're invested into a team that drafted you, it will be personal when the team doesn't pay you. But in team sports, when you say that now you're going to have guys next to you like wait a minute. If he's not fully invested, then the organization probably should trade him, which I think is ultimately going to happen. And by the way, Earl, you can have a job in Detroit. I know you saw take care of business versus the patriots use your brother. I love how happy are about this lines when this. The best of the season. Well, who else is happy? Anthony Davis and Rich. Paul envy Davis has now officially signed with clutch sports. That is notable because clutch sports is run by Rich Paul, which is a close personal friends of none. Other than LeBron James now is Davis is on contract with the pelicans for three more years. One of those is a player option. So Jalen, what does this mean? Big picture for anti Davis's career. It means the New Orleans pelicans better step their game with probably going to lose one of the best players in the game was little brother, Rich. Paul doing terrific job of navigating himself and the space of agents that continues to get suppressed. A lot of times based on his relationship LeBron James, while he continues to navigate and get one of the better players in the game on his roster into, it's a terrific acquisition. By rich and it also again, put the team on notice today. Gotta get better fast. They better make a quantum leap in acquiring some all star level players do play alongside of him. I'm a huge fan of drew holiday, and I love how they how they shut down Portland in the playoffs. Nobody can say they saw them going to sweep the blazers, but turn lost the markets cousins. So you don't continue to get better even though boogie wasn't playing by losing quality players from your rosters. It'll be interesting to see how these next couple of years is because now see these players sort of leave before their contract is up. So one year from today as they go into next season, Dave's could decide like Jimmy Butler did look. I'm not gonna resign. You'd probably get rid of me, but we have some very important news, extremely important news. You know, I love nothing more in the world. Then my family second to that is Costco. Oh, in the cosmic experience and the Kirkland brand. Let's take a look at this tattoo. Jalen rose this tattoo. I don't think it's real, but I love it so much Jalen shoot. I get a Kirkland signature tattoo on your forehead. One thing everybody listen to the podcast to ninety five eight zero Jalen ladies. We really need your calls. Gentlemen.

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