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That's pretty funny. God, did you watch when they see us at the central park, five thing? Oh, okay. Yeah. All the documentaries have been there so good. But they're really like you just need to you need to go outside, and like birds chirping after you listen after you watch them because they're so depressing. San francisco. Yeah, tising. See patchy purchase. I actually traveled quite a bit when I was in that job. It was an awesome job, I worked so that was the sort of the salad days of the internet. When everything was just like look at this. There's just money everywhere. We have no idea where it's coming from, and nobody knows how to make money on the internet stuff. Definitely much money. And at the time I worked on Nike, which was awesome. Because we got to do all this cool stuff, and I remember one one project. I worked on the AC g which is sort of outdoor products over the geez. I was worked to footlocker. Yeah. So I was so tuned, air Jenn air, max ninety five's and all that jazz. It was this one Jordan split off zone brand. Yes. Peak time to be right. So it was late nineties, it was awesome. And they, they came to us, and I was in account in Anamika account executive, I wasn't a writer at that time and they came to be in there. Like, okay, so we have this new shoe, a hiking shoe, and it's called the XM, and it's named after these guys who are the climb in the Tetons and they're called the XM guides, and we want you to get to do a print ad like e c x u m I have those you did great. Do some Nike exodus. So we had to do a print ad. I mean, this is like, basically like a picture of this thing, and yeah, they were awesome. It was a issue. Shoot. It was a great show. It was super Griffey on the bottom. So they told us they said, we want you guys to really get into the mindset of these of this, what goes behind the shoe. So we're gonna send you and your creative team up to Jackson Hole. And you guys are gonna go climbing like hiking with the XM guides, and I was like cool. Okay. Yeah. That sounds register. Why not may my boss are to creative dudes. We all like trek up to Jackson hall, and two dangling off L cats. Seriously, they're putting their like put this hard even though I feared for my life. I never I never feared for my comfort of my feet seriously. I was like, wait, why swing hiking? Like, why am I putting this and harness on like this is crazy? And then all of a sudden, they're like, okay, we're going to go up this face. And this was not like oh, it's a gentle thing, we're going to teach, you know, it was like a five two or five three like this was serious. Stop by the time we got up to the I just started sobbing uncontrollably. Because. Over leave that I wasn't dead terrifying. But man, those shoes were grippier cows, you where the shoe how we all shoes. Yeah. That's the Peterman catalog right there. Right. You poop your pants, but your shoes are awesome. It was like, that's like an ad from the movie. Crazy. People remember that's one of my favorite movies of all time. And then we ended up doing like an illustration of them like we didn't even take pictures. So. There like this five days in Jackson Hole boondoggle. And then we're like, yeah, we think like an illustration would be really RAD. They were like we love it. It was a part of me that is heavily not going into advertising because I work on the production side of karston a lot. She like the money and comfort from the industry people, and I'm just like, especially in cars, a whole moly, especially in cars. I remember I was working on the international Pepsi business. And the way that Pepsi works kind of the way the Budweiser at least used to work, they wouldn't they would they would do. Have you present a bunch of concepts? And then instead of them just picking run they'd be like, okay, go out and produce it and like make this make this commercial, and then we'll pick it from the finished product..

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