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Can't wait for them to get in the real world and their boss go. Hey, one of these projections. You're thirty thousand dollars off say, well, it's not really about them revenue. I'm bringing in Mr. Abernethy, it's about how much fun. I'm having at work. Well, neither one of us was in this category. That would affect. But here what I can tell you having this kid of mine job. Nettie is that smart kids thrive off the ranking. They want to know where they are. They are the guys my son and his friends were the exact opposite of you. And I they would race down at the end of the day. Let's say they took a test on second period. Exactly. They would race when the bell rang this indescribable they would race back to that teacher's class at on the same day and go did you great him yet? Did you great, right? These are the kids that want the ranking put on the board and let everyone know I'm number one number two or number three. Okay. So you played football played ice hockey, imagine. If after every game as I was the third string defensive and on the freshman team. No matter who scored it all got wiped away. You know what I'm saying? Yes goes didn't count. Yeah. Oh, no. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Touchdowns. Didn't you? Yes. That's the point same thing with academics. And listen, if you think if you think the pressure in school and college is hard way t- get out in the real world kitten. Think colleges competitive so what this school? Let me pull the story up. What they they've done. Here is replaced the rankings, and and my son's school did the same thing they they got away. Because part of the problem was kids were taking classes, they didn't wanna take because it was harder in and it counts. More on the list of you know, your higher rank. Right. So they're going to just have if you have a four point, oh, they're gonna call you Suma whom loudly, and if you have a three point seven five or higher, it's a magnum cool Audi and a Kumla is just three point five and over. I don't know what any of them. Do you know what the next step is the next? Evolution of this is is grit grades hurt my feelings, and whenever you give me a D or an F. It makes me sad. They they just pass every well did that experiment in Florida. They created this. What was that Truman show? Remember, the Truman show the movie they created that town basically and they created like a stress free zone. There were no grades in high school. It was all loving. There was no stress didn't do all they took all the stuff away that supposedly America's American stress out by that town ended up in chaos, of course, Lee chaos, and it was a complete failure. Listen, the fear is a healthy thing in certain damn, right? Fear of losing your job is a healthy thing. Fear that you're gonna have to spend all summer in summer school, while your friends are out playing well, whatever they play healthy dose of fear in anything. Really, sit your way you take your dirt bike and you ride over that ramp crash and break your clavicle, a healthy dose of fear next time around is going to lower that ramp lower the ramp just a little bit clavicle didn't care over that lay. That thing jus-. A little bit. So let's go I want you to listen to this. This is a nine year old boy he's in. He's in Boston. And this is the Boston symphony and the Boston symphony played, and this is a nine year old autistic boy, and he says, wow. And the crowd reacts to it. I think it's pretty cool. Music just love working for music stations for a long time. And I got a rude awakening. When I moved over to sports because in rock radio or any other type of music radio. Also, do is like the people listening station. They love you concert tickets. You're always at their concerts. You're always having fun. And no one hates you. There's no there's no no one writes, you bad tweet tweets, or whatever I went over to sports thinking, it would be the same way. -pinion? They thrive on hating. You're exactly do music has an effect on people man that just like that symphony until you are somewhere in here symphony symphony for the first time and this nine year old boys. Like, I didn't know that kind of sound could exist is really cool. Same thing happened with teddy Abrahams. The conductor of the lavar sure we were interviewing him in here. Yes. And he went saw symphony. And he said that is what I wanted to do. He wrote a seven page letter and the rest is history. Mike, you're with Tony Dwyer. Go ahead. Hey, mike. Hey, guys. How you doing good? Sure. How about you man better? It'd be you guys. But listen, I got past. Okay. But that's not what I don't hate to tell you when I was in high school. This was way back in the day ABCD. Yes. Yes. Yes. Plus pluses and minuses I my car was littered with with with minuses. But it was so easy to change it to a PLO. Yeah. Yeah. Little does it all. I could lie to my dad. Forever. Not to my mother is over on like Donkey Kong. She knew I was lying. I made up stuff. Hey, anyway. Yeah. What brought home the grades. They don't. I mean, my report card littered with Fs DS. And of course, my mom was beside herself. But I went to my, Dan, I said father do you like I really say that. Do you understand that the F stands for fantastic? Fantastic and dandy. I'm proud to keep up. But I really think my father was great thinking that was fantastic. And Dan, that's great, Mike. My rude awakening. All right. Mike eve wanted to go sit. They are having a good evening. I was gonna ask you to plug as church. Pass through to go see sometime, here's the thing. Mike. Your dad knows what DNS course, he did. He was placating you and he was just saying, hey, listen, sweet boys, sometimes wills me. It's fantastic failure. Sometimes if a kid comes up with you in a lie is so funny and fantastic. Hey, just got to give them. The look guys grades do. Not and will not determine your success in life. There's no question about it. We talked about it a lot when we were down at dos, and you went into the hall of fame and surprised you didn't make me for at least a month referred to you as hall of Famer Dwight Whitney, I'm going to start signing stuff. Dwight Whitten H O F class nineteen. But you mentioned what one of your teachers said one time. Yeah. Still resonates with me today. 'cause it's true. It's true. He said, hey, we're not gonna let you as a software ice goes. Hey, you know, we're not gonna let you be the screw up. You think you're going to you think you are and up until that point. I'd never considered. That I wasn't a screw up. Like, I thought that was just my job. My job was class, screw up. So then I went home liberty late in bed staring at the ceiling that night and thinking am I not to screw up? Is he saying I can't I I'm not screw. So again, it teachers matter. In their important one more for you, actually what I was talking about is graduation. Both of you you and I both graduated at the very rock bottom. Yes. Yes. And you head a teacher till you don't let it bother you. Hell, yeah. The race starts now. Oh, yeah. See there's a lot to that coach Fowler. God rest is solely died last year. He went to trinity high school went to college and his first job and his only job was coming back to Terni and being a teacher, and he was also the bass fishing coach, I think but coach Fowler. We're standing in the gym two weeks before the end of school. And he elbows me, and he goes, hey, Eddie. Coach. And he goes you're gonna make it. And that was like. Yeah. Coach I think I am going to graduate. And he goes good. Don't worry about a kid. He goes the race starts in two weeks. You'll do see there's a lot to that. Yet. All right. Let's do. 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