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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Laurie London. A group of former national security officials is challenging rules requiring that manuscript and other writings be reviewed prior to publication as NPR's Ryan, Lucas reports the system bars, former intelligence and military officials from writing about their government work without first getting government approval. The lawsuit was filed by the night I met institute at Columbia University. And the American Civil Liberties union on behalf of five former national security officials several of the plaintiffs had writings that were subjected to long publication delays, and what they viewed as haphazard reductions, they argue that the pre publication review system, violates the first and fifth amendments because it suppresses core political speech, and because it invites arbitrary or discriminatory enforcement. The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Maryland against the CIA the national security agency, the office of the director of national intelligence and the defense department the plaintiffs want the court. To block the government from enforcing the rules in their current form. Ryan, Lucas NPR news, Washington. President Trump will host the NATO secretary general at the White House today NPR's Windsor, Johnston reports the meeting comes as the US European military alliance marks it seventieth anniversary NATO secretary general again Stoltenberg says he's looking forward to meeting with Trump. This will be with unity to celebrate seventy kids will peace ample spurts for our nation's. The opportunity to look to the future together. Today's meeting comes amid lingering tensions caused by Trump's attacks on the alliance, especially as claims that some countries are not contributing enough to defend spending Stoltenberg will attend a series of events in Washington this week marking NATO seventieth anniversary, including an address to a joint meeting of congress on Wednesday and a meeting with NATO foreign ministers on Thursday Windsor, Johnston, NPR news, Washington. The ruling party of Turkey led by president rage up. Type Erta one is contesting the results of Sunday's mayoral election in Istanbul NPR's. Peter Kenyon, says that's what state media are reporting ruling AK party lost the mayor's race to the secular opposition candidate and lose Turkey's. Most populous city is done bul on top of that would be a blow to the government. The ruling party candidate currently trails by some twenty-five thousand votes in Istanbul. But party leaders hope to overcome that. By challenging some of the ballots a process that could take days or to one's political success has rested on years of stellar economic growth in Turkey. Let a recession that is brought surging inflation rising unemployment and a plunging lira has taken a toll on his popularity on Wall Street. The markets are slipping after a three day rally at last check the Dow down one hundred six points. This is NPR news from K Q E D news, I'm Brian watt. State water officials plan to survey the Sierra snowpack today, and confirmed that it's been an epic year for snow in California cake, science editor Craig Miller, says lingering storms should put this winter into near record territory, the water potential in the Sierra snow is running about one hundred sixty percent of average maybe too much of a good thing in places like mammoth lakes. You definitely get tired of shoveling snow day after day after day. That's Laura Kayla. Who also sees a? Big upside, she works in the town's tourism office at the foot of California's highest elevation ski resort. Our mountain is staying open at least until fourth of July. It's just kind of mind blowing people that you can come in ski in June. So it's been great on the tourism side. I think there's still a threat of too much runoff and flooding if the weather warms to quickly, but farmers water managers should have no supply worries this summer, I'm Craig Miller, Kate, Katie news. The US Environmental Protection agency has reached an eighty six thousand dollar settlement with tesla over hazardous waste violations at the company's Fremont plant. The EPA says the violations include failing to comply with air emission standards for equipment leaks, and other problems. They were discovered during an unannounced inspection in twenty seventeen. The settlement includes money for the Fremont fire department to buy emergency response equipment, including a drone with hazardous waste sensors. Tesla said in a statement that all gaps identified in the inspection had been resolved. I'm Brian watt. Kiwi news. Support comes from Cal performances presenting Alvin.

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