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Man was stabbed and killed an alqaeda beach where we're going to get more details on this last few weeks the police have beefed up a trolls in the area to crack down on the crime during the summer months they planned to expand the emphasis as the season ramps up and auburn man died after he was hit in a crosswalk on his bike neighbors wondering now for crosswalk isn't enough to protect cyclists and walkers mutt is almost tammy matassa reports on their concerns about the busy auburn way south truly sad every man lost his life riding his bike where he was supposed to be safe in the crosswalk auburn police traffic investigators recreated where the bike was before they say a car hit the man in his fifties people have been here on this road police say the driver says he didn't see the cyclist in the crosswalk because he was blocked by cars in the next lane stop how he didn't see the light because each lights flash they go crazy neighbors like roger lopez say when they saw the bike in the road sadly they weren't surprised to take the freeway police say the crosswalk wasn't stalled about a year ago neighbors say before that the speeders were worse but now drivers need to slow down way before they reach the crosswalk on the busy road for those crossing auburn way south an overabundance of caution is a must just dangerous road while we have them that's komo's tammy matassa well drivers just shared the road early sunday with a plane from everett to seattle crews took a b fifty two bomber on a forty mile journey on interstate four zero five and i five during the night to avoid traffic ingestion the plane will be displayed at the museum of flight boeing field there will be a welcome celebration at the museum's aviation pavilion about an hour from right now and then the museum will open for business as usual at nine o'clock by the.

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