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Just make a lot of excuses. Do this bullshit. You know, I was at ready and then just catch them off guard. Yeah. When he's tired out. Do I. I don't think that I would have been able to handle it if my son had beat me, and if he had been smarter, he could be me if he training on the sideline doing jitsu and bike box data, some shit, and then you go to do, let's do this. Just beats the shit out. He would have been a great story. I don't think it would have been great for the house. It's a hilarious concept because you're in your special all about this and at the end it, yeah, yeah. The special is basically really special on my website comedian, Josh Wolff dot com. But like if you like storytelling, there's no politics. I hope you're not watching the special to learn anything. It's not that kind of special like storytelling. It's basically one long story. From beginning in starting end on the same story, it's just weird Reverend stories about my family and kids. And is it our long sixty hour? Yeah, man of super proud of this. Super, super, super, super looked at the handsome mother that it's really hard to Boston next week, brother. I can't wait. That's my favorite club in Boston. It's a good now. We were talking earlier and I asked you if you had surgery, you had surgery? Yes. On what Djerma hand, my nose and my heirs am. Is your ears? Is this left one? Third? What did they have to do to it? They're supposed to fix. It was so big. He was like, oh, don't worry. I'll take care of this and it made it way worse. And then store leniently or no. This isn't about me. You've had surgery. What did you were you nervous going under Faulk. I hate the hospitals. I hate when my when my girls pregnant like the hustling. How long to be here? Like I get. It's just as a former athlete, like there's nothing worse, man, there's nothing was PTSD when I look in hospitals. Well, I just like you heard so many horror stories about the anesthesia that like these tricky and they depend where I was at my son was born Hollywood Presbyterian, they sucked..

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