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Button. Badger I'm. Looking at me like I'm like, I'm not speaking Roy Ari Thompkin I don't know what you'd Blues. Magas color. Is it. Do you think so does your wife think so I guess it important thing right both you okay that's good. Then that then that then it's consensus Roy, I'll be honest you're you're a gorgeous man you look good in any color. But that's that's A. Good shirt to me. It depends on the shade I. Feel like. and. What. Maybe one of my favorite color. So Roy are type broadcast the boys, and we are tasked with the final roster. Cut Down here. We almost we have the roster now on the blogging, the boys network at thirty seven love what we're doing by the way if you haven't been following thus far starting with Mondays logging the boys podcast, we have been following long where the F. Have you been. Sorry. One hundred percent statement if you haven't been following along though starting this week on Monday episode with Girls Talking Boys with Kelsey Charles and Meg Murry. They started things and we have run down the entire offense, and now we're onto the back end of the defensive side of the ball. So if you're just tuning into this episode for the first time, make sure you go back and listen to the other episodes, piece them all together in. You will have what we believe collectively will be the cowboys fifty three man roster. Important to note that traditionally, by this time of the year, we have already seen these players in some capacity and could therefore be able to sort of disseminate distinguish. Some of these battles, but at this point or just sort of going off of what we know what we expect, and then perhaps some surprise guys that that could push for roster spots based on what we've heard but roy I mean this is. Reflecting blind in many ways this year whereas in previous off seasons when ot as happened kind of able to gauge and get pretty good idea of what these guys are look like and what the what the true battles are GonNa be. What we may be, but as we've discussed on this podcast of four. Tiers of players through Alfred yet we are pretty well established. I agree with one of the units we're going to look at in this podcast. I don't think it's going to be much when argument at all as to the players that are going to be involved it's just going to be a question of what the number is going to look like for that set for four that Group A for that personnel grew but you know to be honest with you for that group I don't foresee. Issues at all for the back end of the defense that's where things can get interesting. Now it's worth noting that the cowboys have already made some couple of cuts you know as we've seen basically since twenty seventeen, the team goes from ninety, two, fifty, three. Ninety to start training camp than fifty three to cut, and that's previously before two thousand Seventeen Roy, there's. Multiple cut down periods but they did away with that twenty seventeen. But now because of covid nineteen, the roster be trimmed from ninety two eighty by the start of practice, which is August seventeenth. And I believe there's already been to cuts made if I'm not mistaken a couple of cuts that were made earlier today. Rather earlier on on Wednesday I should say And I'll have those names for you in a second while you try to fill some time while I try to find those names for you. Well. Not necessarily looking at the cuts but looked at the positions we're gonNA look at We're GONNA. Be Looking at linebackers and the secondary. And that is quite an awful lot I think to be responsible for between you and I because I'll. Give that heavy responsibility your let's be honest. Here could be anybody else One of those groups is going well, I daresay maybe both of those groups is coming off a season where a lot of people believe they underperformed of what they were capable of of what their talents said. Perhaps, they should have delivered One of those units didn't really get any upgrades in the off season and yet the expectations are still. Sky, high for them to be met, the other group got a pair of injections of, but also lost arguably the most important piece of the defense in Byron. Jones. So I'm really excited and interested to hear what you might have to say particularly when you consider that this defensive scheme may involve little three four action as well as both Mike McCarthy and Mike Nolan had alluded to and their history suggests that they will utilize. All right So Jordan John and Garett Marino. Two players that were caught John had been around this organization was definitely part of the previous regime running back. He's he's officially been cut. One of the guys who most certainly would have made this roster. From defensive, backfield is Maurice Kennedy who was a signing by the cowboys this off season he is voluntarily opted out of playing in twenty, nine, two, thousand, twenty because of Covid nineteen. So as the. UNDRAFTED free agent Rookie Wide Receiver Stephen Gigiri out of Mississippi State. So. Your roster goes from ninety, two, eighty six. So six more cuts before August seventeenth. Let's go ahead and cut down the rest this roster Roy and I mean, let's start with linebackers. Last year the cowboys kept six linebackers. and. I mean every one of those backers still on this roster and I don't know. I. Mean. We Look at the coaching staff, the linebacker position but I mean late in jail Smith Sean Lee Joe Thomas just in March and Luke Gifford six linebackers they kept last year will that stay the same? Do you think it'll change? Do you think they'll add have seven linebackers make this roster Roy while you kind of waited out. You know regardless of who the new coach is that had been brought into this position like the experience on the wall smacks you in the face you have six guys that basically been part of this locker room right end linebacker room for the last three years, and then you have three young kids that are just trying to make an impact in the NFL, in their first go round through it. So It is worth mentioning at least talking about the new linebackers coach. Scott MC early is a guy who. came up in Green Bay. Under Mike McCarthy took an assistant job with him and then worked his way up into a linebackers coach position when McCarthy was fired in two thousand eighteen MC early had an opportunity to become a statistical analysts with Lsu. He would've actually won himself a national title had he taken that toll but instead he decided to take the year off and join Mike McCarthy as a part of the off season McCarthy project in which They research the innovative ways in which coaches in both college football, and the NFL around the country were utilizing guys in different types of schemes. So interesting I find that incredibly interesting that here's a guy who had so much faith in might McCarthy's ability as a coach that he four four went forego D- an opportunity to be on what was eventually the national champions imagine the type of platform that would've put this guy on. And yet he felt. It was the better move to stick with Mike McCarthy in the off season and no doubt..

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