Mark Sanchez, Josh Josh Johnson, J Gruden discussed on Sunday Night Football - Rams at Bears


I mean, he tore up a second-string previous true. So I think that's a big step between what he saw today and what he's going to see Jacksonville next week. But it does look like he's going to be the starter. His mobility was a real factor of the game. And just the fact that he knew or he remembered J gruden's offense enough understand the timing of everything. I mean, the balls got to get out, and it's gotta be right there. Those three to five step drops everything. I mean, it's a modified west coast offense. And it looks comfortable. He looked far more comfortable. But I think today was more of a statement on. Mark Sanchez is sunk even further than what we imagine than it is anything about Josh Johnson. He'll have his day next week in that one kick it ugly as well. Well, it was interesting Guten and hearing the people in the Washington Redskins front office talking about Colin Kaepernick this week after after both Alex Smith and Colt McCoy went down with broken legs and said, well, he was discussed, but we never made the phone call because you know, with his skill set. It would be it's too late in the season to make changes on the offense that would make him comfortable. So. Yeah. I guess they're they're comfortable with Mark Sanchez. He looked real comfortable in that offense today. Didn't he? Yeah. Yeah. I don't think after watching what comfort looks like. Never again. Quarterbacks off the street, but many goes to remind you these teams go to great lengths to make expert explanations. Football explanation for why they don't want to bring in capper, Nick when it's clear it's not just a football issue because he could run around and been like Josh Josh Johnson in that game and probably made a few more big plays. And at least the threat of him running in a Redskins situation might give you an opportunity to get Adrian Peterson going, and that's the thing. Adrian Peterson has been their best weapon all year, and he's had too many games where they lose where it's nine Carey's eighteen yards today. I think it was ten Jerry's for sixteen yards and it never got an opportunity to impact the game. And it's amazing it I mean, it's amazing. We're talking about a team that just fell under five hundred today. It's not like this is a team that's three and ten or something. But the way they looked. I mean, I don't think there's anybody in the NFL that they could have beaten on this Sunday. Maybe not Alabama either. I think they could probably get Alabama. At the a at Jay Gruden Jon Gruden game. This week would have been something. I tell you. What if I were Mark garrison? You know, he's representing Colin Kaepernick in the collusion case against the NFL on the first day of trial about this would be an awfully awfully short opening statement. If I were him I'd bring in a projector. I saw Mark Sanchez highlights from today. And then I'd put on Nathan Peterman highlight reel from his bills days. And I saw that to the jury then I look at the judge and say your honor we rest our case, we're done. I mean, it's it's so clear skies logically. But it's so difficult to prove. What do you think that the fact that he, you know, Denver and Seattle and the Baltimore Ravens were all going to offer him contracts and bring him in any turned down all three of them. Supposedly does that hurt the collusion case? Well, I mean, I don't think that I mean capper Nick would have to have hard evidence in which most for owners had gotten together either on an Email chain or on a conference call or something and said, we don't want this guy in the league. And anything short of that. No matter what we see no matter what we think anything short of that is probably not gonna win in a quarter of love. And I mean, that's unfortunate. But I mean, it's just kinda like with with liable in journalism. You're so well protected legally that unless you just did something asinine..

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