President Trump, Mark Denney, FBI discussed on Gary Jeff Walker


For Coleraine police officer, Dale woods who passed away earlier this week police chief Mark Denney says the community support so far has been tremendous. And he's asking for one more gesture during officer woods is funeral procession later this morning. I if you can find time in your day to wave at him. And then just let us family see that he mattered. Kids would would take heart. And they would remember that the rest of their lives for those who would like to line the route you can get full details by going to seven hundred wwl w dot com. The procession starts at nine thirty when it leaves these spring, grow funeral home. A public visitation will be held from noon to four today at Coleraine high school, the New York Times this morning is reporting the FBI opened an inquiry into whether President Trump was secretly working on behalf of Russia. Not long after the president fired. The former FBI director in New York Times as a bombshell new report saying that the opened a counter intelligence investigation into the president of the United States to see if he was a national security threat working on behalf of the Russians against American interests. Now courting to this report the was unsure if the president was even knowingly acting on behalf of the Russians at the time. Former FBI director James Comey was overseeing the FBI investigation into campaign collusion. ABC's Tara Palmeri? The time says that special counsel. Well, Robert Muller took over the inquiry into Mr. Trump when he was appointed as part of his broader examination of how Russian operatives interfered in the two thousand sixteen election. It is unclear whether Muller is still pursuing this. The president's attorney says the fact that this investigation was opened a year and a half ago, and that nothing has come out of it shows that they did not find anything. Meanwhile, the democratically controlled house plans to vote soon on the funding measure that has already passed in the Senate in order to reopen. The federal government speaker Nancy Pelosi Friday, saying she's willing to bring up a measure passed by the Senate last year to.

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