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CBS news is next. Larry Sharoni at seven. Oh, five have a great night. What's happening, and why KCBS KFC FM and HD one San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose. Seven o'clock. This is CBS news on the hour. Presented by indeed dot com. I'm Pam Coulter. South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham says he believes Republicans have the votes they need to confirm supreme court nominee Brett Cavanaugh and Tennessee's. Bob corker is among them. But I don't know that they've done a head count even on the committee as to what people are going to do. But. Assuming we get a floor vote. I certainly plan to support his nomination. The Senate Judiciary committee plans to vote tomorrow. CBS's Jeff glor- says that's just what President Trump wants after today's hearing into sexual misconduct allegations against cavenaugh. The president has weighed in tweeted the text of that tweet is as follows judge cavenaugh showed America why I nominated him. His testimony was powerful honest, and riveting Democrats, search and destroy strategy is disgraceful. And this process has been total sham and the effort to delay obstruct and resist the Senate must vote. Exclamation points. Don't you Christine Blasi four testified? She thought Cavanaugh was trying to rape her at a party when they were teenagers Cavanaugh said he has never sexually assaulted anyone. And he was questioned about his drinking by Minnesota democrat, Amy klobuchar, you're saying there's never been a case where you drank so much that you didn't remember what happened the night before? Or part of what happened? That's your ass. Asking about blackout. I don't know. Have you the first procedural vote in the full Senate could come Saturday? There is a tragic end of the story of the missing six year old boy in North Carolina CBS's Manuel Bojorquez reports the boy's body was found in a creek about a mile away from the guests Donio North Carolina park where six-year-old Maddix rich was reported missing last Saturday gastonia police chief Robert Helton, choked back tears, I'm heartbroken. Our communities are broken the FBI said that discovery does not end its investigation. What was the manner.

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