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Same time for a limited time. Receive up to an extra $10,000 to personalize your new home. Visit van meter homes dot com slash live toe learnmore Dave Tilden w T o P traffic and Let's head on over to Storm team for now. Samara Theater Tonight Low fifties for many of US upper forties for some We are partly cloudy tomorrow. Mix of sun and clouds with highs near 80 upper seventies to around 80 degrees for your Thursday and Friday as well. Thursday brings with it a mix of sun and clouds while Friday a lot more clouds begin to build, especially in the back end of the day. As we move into the weekend, we're keeping a close eye to the sky because of the remnants of tropical Storm beta along with a front. Both those could interact and bring some rain to the region over the weekend. Therefore lookout for rain shower chances on Saturday. We could possibly looking at rain on Sunday going to Monday as well. High temperatures on your Saturday are going to be in the upper seventies, so still pretty mild and then by Sunday will likely be around 77 78 degrees. I'm storm team for meteorologists are Theodore. All those skies are blue. It's 70 degrees here in Washington, brought to you by Mattress warehouse. Bye with confidence with a one year price guarantee only mattress warehouse sleep happens dot com E t o P at 4 40 Have you gotten a flu shot? Yet? Public health experts say it's more important than ever to get one this year. One reason why The flu virus and Corona virus have similar symptoms. Individuals suffering from influenza may think they're infected with covert 19 and search out tests for Kobe 19 may also cause some people.

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