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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is taking about what does it mean for Japan from W A. M U and NPR in Washington? This is one Hi Jen. White today on one A. It's the Friday News round up Japan's longest serving prime minister says he's resigning due to ill health who will take over the top spot in stair Japan through a global pandemic? Meanwhile, a boy's an opponent of President Putin fights for his life in Germany, A mass murderer gets a historic sentence in New Zealand and Africa celebrates the end of wild polio even as it grapples with Corona virus. We're looking forward to hearing from you. Email us at one A. W A. M u dot org's comment on our Facebook page or tweet US at one end Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Spear. The remnants of Hurricane Laura are churning out high winds and releasing heavy downpours in parts of the South. Like farmer of member station W. PLN reports from Nashville, where forecasters are warning of the threat of tornadoes. Laura's leftovers already ripped the roof off a rural church in north eastern Arkansas. And what was a possible tornado and 22 warnings have been popping up in Tennessee is the system moves east and loses steam. Much of the Southeast will get a drenching over the weekend with several inches of rain and much higher, localized totals with the potential for flash flooding assigned from possible tornadoes. Straight line winds in the Nashville area have gusted to 60 miles an hour and I'm like typical storm systems. Several lines of storms are forming threatening communities from Alabama to southern Indiana. NPR NEWS. I'm Blake Farmer in Nashville. After burning through remote part of western Colorado for nearly a month, the Pine Gulch fire has become the state's largest ever wildfire. Colorado Public Radio's sticking a, Sieg says. There's now more than 100 39,000 acres. 77% contained Rough terrain and hot temperatures have made things difficult for fire crews. But they've significantly contained the fire in the last few days, no lives our homes have been lost. Pine Gulch Fire about 18 miles north of Grand Junction is now larger than the 2002 Hayman fire outside of Colorado Springs, which killed six people and destroyed more than 100 homes. Reporter Stina Stig in Colorado, the MBA playoffs or resumes Saturday after shutting down to protest the police shooting of Jacob Blake last weekend. Other leagues are resuming as well. More from NPR's Tom Goldman. The N B A and its players union released a joint statement announcing the return to play Saturday after what will be three days of no playoff games. The Milwaukee.

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