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Or orders zone dot com as listener too intelligent medicine plus folks are offering you fifty dollars off and free shipping just use the coupon code hoffman at checkout folks have been a long time since i've been this excited about a new natural medical innovation it's those zona plus find it at order zona dot com all right here's nine let's been in the news this week and it has to do with a theater this week and they didn't have paper towels and the the reason that they don't have parallels well it's more sanitary to use hand dryers and plus it saves the environment oils cheese trees we have to chop down to make paper towels so the handdriers are thought to be an enhancement over those old fashioned paper towels well according to a new study researched meter is a connecticut school medicine recently conducted a study published in applied environmental microbiology to determine if hot handdriers in public bathrooms carry bacteria so the exam thirty six bathrooms across the campus and there were specifically scanning here is rebecca area colonies and they put into the air in the bathroom a harmless trina bacteria to see if it was spewed out by the dryers and says hey we never thought of this but those drivers have to have an air intake and they suck in air from the bathroom which may have harmful bacteria spews them out at high velocities and that stuff that goes directly on your hands perhaps also into your lungs not great i'm dr ronald hoffman this intelligent medicine.

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