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What possible experienced any male who has been born into being a boy or man what what possible history of being provocative online and getting in trouble with the social media companies for doing so it's ironic really that i got my bound because throughout much of the first part of this year i've had my twitter account's on lockdown item number of other twitter accounts two of them was setup ages ago when i'd had house of nowhere a twitter suspension i still don't know what it was for but they would they would accounts and they weren't political and my main account which i'd had was always getting reports of issues and problems the i was i was always been made to delete tweets or have suspensions amy challenor was on the receiving end of some of those tweets not just the one comment that called her a quote man but she saw other material on miranda yardley timeline which was offensive of setting or she says worse so fair was fee simple one line or amy zimmerman comment which is just factually inaccurate face dice and i am definitely not even my passport for example lists me it's female to more harmful comments and cooling transpeople child abuse as cooling fan women hate and it really became quite aggressive and quite intimidating to the point where twitter had to take action while i think we need to be clear that womanhood it's different for every woman fees different experiences only go to enrich what it means to be a woman in two thousand eighteen it doesn't mean for anyone should have faith femininity challenged as is usually the case when it comes to one big incident on social media there's a long history behind it both with the people involved and with the larger political issues so to fill in some of the context in history i turned to an expert my name is s j miller and i am a professor at the university of wisconsin madison s j miller says that over the last ten years or so the idea of transgender rights has been folded into struggles for lesbian gay and bisexual rights so common acronym might see as lgbt in other words lesbian gay bisexual and the t stands for transgender but what that's done then is it's may trans very binary it's made it male and female so people come to understand that there are female to male and males to females it's very black and white the issue though is that trans is indeterminate it really encompasses all different types of non binary gender identities and that in and of itself is a whole 'nother topic so you have a split in the in you have a split in the t community because trans people in fact the notion of trains is indeterminate it's constantly evolving and changing what i'm taking from this is that actually people who may call themselves trans are debating within themselves just as we see in sort of larger society a lot of debate about these issues but within that community itself there is arguments about identity correct.

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