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Lack women lead a follow black with identified a clauses we guide today arab all these like movements and stuff like they literally put those a black woman at the helm of south and gave us the money and thomas it you edipower say you can throw this film producer kathleen kennedy along with two dozen other hollywood executives at created the commission of'sexual harassment and advancing equality in the workplace while the commission has yet to define emission hill said it will tackle every day for power disparity sex harassment guidelines of research by the way this is closer to what i was talking about what i say someone needs to dismantle the power structures is not about individual men or even just people in power taken advantage of their power that's not like as long as we consider that to be the problem will continue to have the same brown ryan because you get rid of one man you leave all the power structures that are that are right for abuse in in in intact for the next person so i gave his knack has basie it'll be uh someone else yet how is it if you leg power go unchecked a you let the idea that someone kin a helmer movie or uh raise capital to produce a movie or something be the only thing that matters to you think did it doesn't matter dyke then you're basically hoping that the people who get these parts are good people and asked him some more than at you know um hill famously testified she was sexually harassed by clarence thomas during supreme court confirmation hearing in 1991 will serve as chairwoman i'm proud to be leading this newlyformed commission on a longoverdue journey to adopt best practices and create institutional change the foxes a culture of respect and human dignity throughout the industry hill said in a statement it is time to end the culture saleh's i've been at this work for twenty six years this moment presents us with a unprecedented opportunity to make real change she added kennedy first suggested formercommissioner els women in hollywood of ai tober shortly after the allegations against harvey weinstein sexual abuse first.

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