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To the south here you could close to fifty degrees for an awful lot of you and probably throw in a little bit of sunshine so shouldn't be too bad there along the strait of juan de fuca temperatures in the upper 40s as you can see and it's not too bad you'll have a little bit of sunshine and same story on the south coast with temperatures there in the mid 40s to the upper 40s if you're going to eastern washington or watching over there pretty comparable to what's happening in the west we got a lot of temperatures in the '70s fifty sites should say not seventy is now quite that war and then tonight we've got our overnight low temperatures generally around thirty seven degrees of my highs tomorrow we'll be getting into the forties and fifties for just about everybody concerned all right i'll be back in a little bit with the seventy outlook will let you know how that shaping up we're actually gonna start getting a little warmer round here so you want to hear about that they have to you thanks steve the victoria clippers newest ferry makes it said all girl right and just a matter of hours here's an inside look at the new clipper five it'll be the biggest and fastest vote in the clippers vacations fleet it can hold four hundred forty passengers at is the first to include a business class with the prior to cabin free snacks and refreshments and leather seats but processed the faster boats will improve their schedule reliability and reduced the number of sailings sanders fans will have a new way to watch the rave green this year want to bring up the announcement on tag board tonight the teams joining forces with youtube tv but you will have to pay to watch it's thirty five a month if you sign up by march thirteen than fans will be able to watch all mls sounders fc matches on mobile devices computers and on tv with most popular streaming services.

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