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Susan Waldman when they're on the fan until one o'clock this afternoon Kim Jones is gonna join us at eleven Jim Maloney at twelve thirty we'll take your calls along the way I promise eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six right now we are joined by the New York Mets director of amateur scouting marked for me to mark first off thanks for joining us but but my immediate question is it is just with regards to how unique this year's draft is because this is just been five rounds so you've got a lot of people right now out there who were draft eligible and likely to have been drafted somewhere along the line who essentially now are free agents so even though the draft is over is your work may be just beginning what well first off thank you for having me I really appreciate it I want to tell you how he's using that I I've heard worldwide after he got off the phone how I appreciate you having me yeah I was I've already been on the phone with a couple of players that were passed over all the discounts across sectors are on the phone right now trying to trying to sell this great okay both players and hopefully we can we can find some of those and get them an organization just like the five thirty six players that we took a picture strap okay I'm I don't think I have until they have until so I think so that means that the people that you know didn't get drafted and stuff they're a stencil Billy free agents and you and teams can sign them because I know people people's careers are over before they even started with the five rounds of the draft and not what it always was correct these players these players are are are eligible to sign with any club so essentially you're almost in a and he almost recruiting them to to come and sign with the New York Mets so that's what we're doing right now is making phone calls were telling them about the organization what we think we can do for them to get them to the big leagues as quickly as possible and talk about what type of plans we would have set up for them should they sign with us so that's what that's what we're doing all morning all afternoon today and in the coming days well let's talk about some of the Mets selections beginning with your very first one Pete crow Armstrong it all I had to do was here this kids speak for thirty seconds and you could tell he's got the personality to play in this town did that factor into it all the guy who appears impervious to the challenges that New York my present absolutely the two of you know as well as anybody how difficult it can be to play in New York and when we're evaluating players obviously talent comes first what the what the next most important it might even be more important times than than the town itself is the make up of the player when we took just an example I know Pete P. Alonso actually talked to peco Armstrong after the draft and you know it's it's one of the things you look at the alarms on how you command the clubhouse now yeah I think that's the type of young man P. Cole Armstrong will be I think the New York City I think the Mets fans will love this kid he is he's a very very mature I saw a quote the other day from the expert witness on Casey who had coached Pete one of the major showcase events in the summer and John said how how well he thought that he was set up for pro ball in terms of how he is thought process his make up the determination and grit and the kids such a grinder he he thought all of his traits and characteristics would be really really set up well for the grind that is a minor league baseball and getting and staying in the big leagues I'm playing at a high level so yes the answer question that that was a big part of of the specially taking somebody that high in the draft that you have to really nail down the make up and we really feel this kid has that Hey mark and to just go on for that a little bit more I had heard and everybody has to death you know compare everybody to everybody and I heard as a centerfielder could play now may be a Brett Gardner type leadoff kind hitter but just listening to him he seems to know who he is he seems to know what he can do and can't do and it sounded to me like he's really set with that how much does that you know he did he didn't say I'm going to come right there and I'm going to be the starting center fielder he knows what he has to do but I think the defense is what he's very is very very positive about what he can do also knows what he can't impeach somebody who's been on the radar screen since the Republic Porter he competed with it it was the only programs like team USA since that time he's been around other really good players he comes from a high school program that has numerous of big leaguers and Lucas G. lido Max free Jack Flaherty with the cardinals and so he has an understanding I think of what it takes to play in the big leagues from that perspective because he's seen guys that are just a few years older come from that school other players that you played with in team USA I think he does have an understanding and anytime you have that when you first step onto a professional baseball diamond those are the things that help you along the way so so yes absolutely he had that he had a very good understanding of that no there's always a projection that you have to do in the draft particularly with high school kids but what complicates it sometimes is how you think and hope that a player will recover from a serious injury now with the fifty second pick you were able to get a right handed pitcher at a Mississippi state by the name of J. eighteen again who had Tommy John surgery just a couple of months ago so let me ask even though he went fifty second where did you have him sort of slot it in before the Tommy John and what makes you confident that they'll be able to get through the surgery without any major complications right he was a J. he was a player that we had a high level of interest in high school he was one of the best right handed pitchers high school teachers in the country at that time he went he won the first round lead the first run to the doctor so we didn't get a crack at us and we just felt that this was the guy that had so much talent had he been fully healthy this year if you take a look at what he did as a freshman in the SEC he had an absolutely outstanding year discussion here if he was healthy this year we fully believe that he would have been taken in the first round by somebody made you know current who knows it could have been also whatever but he he has that type of talent and to get him in the second round we we just felt was too good to pass up we consulted with our doctors up your car doctor all check and they spoke with the surgeon that did to GQ's bitchy surgery and we feel that he is going to come back to it you know quite at full strength by the early to middle of next year but the only talking about how he was just he was just too good to pass up and again he's another kid was make up we love you know the thing that's interesting about that is that is that a bad thing drafting kids who either are going to have Tommy John or have had it Yankees have done that a lot I know Andrew Brackman that one didn't work out but Clarke Schmidt is gonna is gonna work out and you know you see that the difference and that is you know people drop because of that guys that have a top ten pick they don't want to take a chance but down below you can get some really good value and I think that's the way that that.

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