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Us stock market and your mind i mean when you think about what japan was back then i mean all kinds of explanations the expert miracle we would token about these japanese technology companies that when it's like over the world is sony's to sheba's panasonic's with the world and and most importantly i think it was japanese capital flying overseas and buying every trophy ecit you could think of and it really was it was a sense that japan was bulletproof and it was going to take over the world and if you look at the chart with the nikai going back there you'll see you'll see just a crazy looking john but but you know i remember at the time not feeling as if it was a crazy market they were statistics there were anecdotal piece of evidence that the classic one that everybody said oh was was this i still to this day i don't know if it's true but i guess it could have been was that the land beneath the empress patterson tokyo was with more than the state of california i mean it sounds ludicrous saying that now particularly if you've seen the size of the palestinian middle tokyo but but at the time it was things that that might you think what does this go on but it never ever felt to me like the market does today in terms of of just being straight value on every possible metro and i don't know if that's because the world is now you know best thirty is older whether it's because i am.

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