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Welcome back. We are here with CJ Romer from ace app, and we're talking electric people I was treating an article online, someone actually calculated because there's a lot of electrical activity in our brain with all these eight hundred billion neurons firing and every time on your on fires it produces. I think what they call a gradient of about one hundred five Milli volts. So if you had eight hundred billion neurons all firing at all of that energy was directed towards charging your cell phone. You could. Of course, that would leave nothing for anything else like breathing. But if you direct all of that energy towards charging your cell phone, you could charge it with your brain, the trysofi in your brain in just under seventy hours. So there you go. What do you think about that? CJ. I think it would still be efficient plug it into the plug of the wood. But yeah, but that's no fun. That's. Some, some subway, we'll decide k-y-k-o sakes job is to study the corner at charge over. That's right. I would say, I'm, I'm glad she said, what about off officially my reaction here and got wall? Exactly why xactly that's the question. Let's let's dive into the phones. And let's see west of the Rockies Barbara is in mount Shasta, California Barbara. Good morning. Welcome to coast to coast AM. I would love to teach everyone of your listeners how to light up a light bulb. You know how are you ready? Yes. You go to the hardware store tomorrow, and you get a nine inch fluorescent bulbs and tomorrow evening when you go to bed, you put it between your legs while you're going to bed under the covers until you light up that light and get it the same body that your body is putting out and as you as you rub that light with your hands. It will light up for everyone. Now, that's with fluorescent. What about an incandescent? You're on your own with that one. I've been struck by lightning twice. And I've had by out of the body experiences, one I had several weeks ago, the last one showed me a shortage in my electrical system, I went to the doctor I'd had one operation now and gotten rid of that. Shortage in your electrical system. How do you mean? Your body is an electrical system. Sure. I mean, that's that regulates your heartbeat. It's just how you concentrate, your energy Darlie. All right, Barbara. Thank you. That did you want to weigh in on that CJ at all? No. I'm a bit concerned about try flair some tape shots. Then we got another. Thanks. Yeah. Yeah. That's try. All right. East of the Rockies. Jason is in Syracuse New York, go Orangemen. Hey, Jason welcome to coast to coast AM, Richard. Thanks for having me. I love the topic. I'm Finally I could talk to somebody about what actually happens with me it sits. It's weird grad together talking about this. I've had stuff like that happened. My entire life with the street Lance as an adult I'm constantly affecting computers, and I walk into places and stuff. Shuts down and people look at me like this happens, and I'm like, it's probably me. Don't worry this happens all the time, and they kinda giggle, but I'm serious when it happens. Do you feel differently? Sorry, Jason feeling different when, when you're having this, electrical impact you feel any differently. I actually I actually feel it coming through me. That's weird. It's like I've, I was joking that was kind of laughing earlier, because when you guys were talking about then of enoug- effects, I don't really produce it. I more or less kind of it kinda drains through me. I guess that's what it feels like at least. At one instance, it kind of confirmed it few years back. We have a local casino. It was kind of funny, that has thousands of electron a gaming machines and my wife and I were sitting there playing, then I felt this sensation, and then the entire casino, literally shut down all the screens went blue. And I looked at my wife and I said, I just did that he's like, yeah, right. And then after about five minutes security, surrounded, my me and my wife and I could here a motor over there little earpieces. Yeah. There were at the machine now stand up. And it was quite quite the to do. So what do you make of that? CJ. Exactly the kind of experience that happened. And you know. A big studied. Yeah. Very, very difficult. Heightened computer break style of the regular bicycle valley. I don't even use it anymore. And it's, it's kind of funny, you say that because it's hard even watching television with my wife because every time I walk into the room, I, I literally, we don't get any reception and even I thought it was just maybe the TV or the end town. But it even happens when we have the DVD player going like shuts everything down. It's, it's I can't I'm always the one like light bulbs, and even even the Halley delight Bob seeing they're supposed to be rated for so many hours. And then they have such a short lifetime in this house. Yeah. One lady, we used to write typewriter. The way she could write to us because I it must be difficult to deal with. It's. Betas. Haffey aside. It just happens coast. Yeah. It's weird it, you know. It's hard to explain. I mean, I guess I, I it's, it's more of a feeling I guess, I mean I know when it's when the feeling comes up like oh, you know something that's going to happen again. And I've had blown ignitions and cars. I know when that's going to happen, and then we I've been stranded. It's just it gets very frustrating. And you know, it's tough going until even like hospitals. I have I have a cousin that, you know, I regret requires me to help them out. And every time to go to the VA you know, we're, we're sitting in the in the office. And if somebody goes to use the computer and like they kind of have this deranged look on their face, like Jesus never happens. This, this, this, you know, there's something wrong with the computer. And I'm like I said, that's all right. I have that kind of affect on what kind of giggle, but I'm serious. Jason if it were not happening outside the home as well. My response might be, you know, have the heavier electrical system in your house checked for, for power surges. And that sort of thing, but, but that doesn't explain why it's happening at the casino in the hospital inning your car. No, no. I've had you know, I've tried to, you know, when I was younger, these things just kind of happen. But as an adult, you know, I, I notice things more often than, you know, trying to put two and two together, I mean, I was I was electric electrocuted a couple of times. And I was a child, and that's interesting. Yeah, I've had some other strange things happen to in my life. There was an instance, a couple couple years ago about two and a half years ago, my wife and I were coming back home, mom for dinner. We're about about a mile from home and driving. Our van and the entire inside of the van lit up like somebody was. Arc welding. Wow. Yeah. And I, I looked around I thought, you know, I'm getting pulled over like the spotlight's on it was, it was even brighter than that. My wife kind of looked at me like what's going on? I'm like, I don't know. Jason amazing to I still haven't been able to really explain that one. Have you heard any other unusual experiences of I mean, you know, just outside of that. But just generally building you consider. Power dole mysterious anyway. Yes. Yes. And yes. Okay. Very well. Yeah. I've, I've tried to look into a lot of other things too. I mean, working blood types lineage, you know, all all sorts of things, but, you know, trying to find answers and trying to find people to talk to you. That little take serious another thing. Jason CJ wondered about paranormal experiences. In addition, have you had shared? Yes. Yes, I have I've had I've had being up at the side of my bed. I've had been I don't know if you would call paralyzed in the middle of the night. I know people want to brush it off as sleep apnea, but they're yell sleep paralysis, but it's but it's not that. Connection suspected, there's a connection here CJ that all of these things somehow related. Entirely by the, the o- personality shows down in North Carolina. A website. Easy to access. But if he was get hold of potable about your experience that pretty good, guys. Actually, I've been calling them. See, that's Greg over. I'm sure they would take you seriously. But to help you and you know, people really nice. But if you want to, so you're very, very welcome. It if there's anyway, I just wish there was something we could do to help, but it stays all we can do with what you say and try. Say you'll about this. People really good. You're sharing the experience. And again, C J. How would Jason contact you at a sap? He just too well by Esa, he could just write city if they say should five six phenomena England that would probably get the address on the website at WWW A. S eight pay don't UK, Bobby. Yeah. Well, well past the case with this. Thank you. Thank you for that Jason. He certainly ticked all the boxes to me. Let's see. Let's say hi to on the wildcard line. We have James in Kansas City. James, welcome. Richard how you doing terrific? Thank you. I, I cannot wear watch LCD watches break on my wrist. Battery-powered analog, watches drying. I haven't won watch and thirty years. I'm fifty one now and I have a medical condition that nobody can explain. And it's documented in my medical file. I have they call it a heart mom, but they don't they can't explain why my heart will, and this happened in front of Reebok. There's in hospital under observation because I've complaining about my dot having chest pains, and I was I've been in there for today's laying in bed, and there was a knows in my room and my heart went into started fluttering. I think the call it relation. Yeah. And then after about thirty seconds of it's my flat line. And then see right out in the hallway screen that, that is going into cardiac arrest came down the hallway with the crash card and pads jump starts with and the doctors those rain in there, and they, they, they were going to try and shocking. Bring my heart back, and I told the guy with the paddle that if you touch me while I'm awake. I'm gonna get you. So he stopped.

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