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Me the good Samaritan, and then ran outside in his underwear and confronted a man with his back. The girl was safe and in moments. The police arrived the police say the suspect forty Rolin Astrada is a registered sex offender. Carol Diori attention wins in Ridgewood queens. Police say a strana is facing multiple charges, including kidnapping unlawful imprisonment acting in a manner injurious to a child, reckless endangerment and cry. Criminal possession of a weapon that the police say his past criminal record included, a sexual abuse case in two thousand and one Santa con, and JoJo Hoboken is out of control tonight. According to police at least eight people were arrested and four police officers needed medical attention. Some people got really rowdy at the annual Santa con bar crawl in Hoboken, the mayor of Hoboken tweeting spent time thanking the hardworking members of the Hoboken PD for doing everything possible to keep our cities safe during Santa con they'll continue to be out on our streets throughout the night. Thanks also to at union city PD and at Brian p stack one for helping with reinforcements wins news time, eight forty four sports up next on ten ten wins five now from the WFAN sports desk. Here's Pete McCarthy. And Pete, yes. Nathan jets unable to complete. What would have been a thirteen point comeback against the Texans alive? Aguire two yard touchdown run. Put the jets up three with five minutes left. But de'andre Hopkins beat MAURICE Claiborne for a touchdown that after a holding call on Claiborne gave the Texans a key first down Todd Bowles dots following a twenty nine twenty two defeat. Obviously.

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