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People don't mind past finding in their mouth. It's not a thing now. You don't know you fifty six. I know the point being I love. Allison Janney Kevin already roll that clip point? You have to give up a I'm GONNA give up. I'M MUTING COMMUTING. Can Ask a question please please. Allison Janney is one of those actresses. I feel like I know personally. Yeah now I don't know Allison Janney At all I'm not on the floor with or like you guys have run into a one party but Dr. Why do you guys feel the same way? Yup She so she so just regular and hilarious and normal and for an academy award winner an Emmy Award winner. She is just so cool and so regular and yes. I such an amazing actress. I mean it's so incredible. Like she chooses really interesting roles she like falls into these characters and you disbelieve. She is these characters she carol baskin. She reframe what? Let's let's play a game. I'll ask a question and whoever answers it in less than five seconds I will give ten dollars to you when the when the shutdown is over. What movie role. Allison Janney went her Oscar for Tanya Tanya horrid time. Hi Tania Movie Role Oh I did Tonya. Harding harding mother. Tonia harding's mother ten dollars. Mary Lesser Mary. She wishes she is a line in that movie that I think of all the time and I don't have it exactly right on her shoulder. No this was on the ice skating rank all kind of get the the skating teacher to take her and the skating teacher didn't WanNa take her and said you know. I only take people who are like. I don't know I'm going to say I'M GONNA make up a number say you know ten and Allison. Janney has line where she goes. Well you know. She's a soft eight.

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