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Fat ed by his bed i go back to my childhood district to give your perspective on this i grew up in chicago and there's no question i was a chicago cubs fan don't get me wrong i loved jose card no i love to glenn beck heard i mean i loved the downcast singer i loved the cubs but my favor baseball player was roberto clemente uh you know roberto uh was everything he was arm he was speed got two three thousand hits as early as anybody in major league baseball history i think you not only to do superlatives 'cause there's just too many of them but i don't think you make a list of three of the greatest alltime baseball players and don't put roberto clemente on that and i had giant posters of him in my room i used to look at those posters in the morning i used to look at it before he went to bed i stood in front of that poster weeping when some guy on television told me he was dead he was as great off the field as he was on and he died on a humanitarian trip oh man i loved roberto clemente the way my son loves p case who bad if i they've ever had a chance to spend the night with roberto clemente are you kidding me and so you know and i want you to know the peak aging do would just be nice his of me i mean this is just who he is and i mean he signed is predators jersey he took pictures were they me sat on the couch and talk to them for an hour my son was doing his card tricks for him for pk keisu ban and peak is having conversely and at the end of the night he puts his fist and he was nick i gotta go i get up early and go to practice and he touches his fists to next will come right the icty goes you remember i love you then he looked at me and said how do i get one of my fat heads of mike are you kidding me you don't know there's fat heads of you.

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