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From abc news todd ant the white house says president trump looks forward to fulfilling the promise that he made to the american people to give them a tax cut by the end of the year republican field the biggest overhaul to the nation's tax code in a generation now they have a final down and they say they have the votes at senators are falling in line senator marco rubio said he was in now that the child tax credit had to be more generous to get his lowers our wanna support tax reform and support for the country but i think this needs to be part of it republicans gave him what he wanted allowing lowincome families to claim up to fourteen hundred dollars per child rubio is now well yes abc's mary bruce reporting at x capitol hill staffer is calling for an ethics investigation into a virginia congressman she's accusing of sexual misconduct emory's ever since as she was fired him blackboard on capitol hill after rejecting the sexual advances abridging a representative bobby scott ever sent an exlegislator aid for the congressional black caucus so scott inappropriately touched her twice while they're working together five years ago that i have worked very hard to accomplish scott denies the allegations calling them politically motivated kenneth moton abc news washington female congressional cabinet edry or ramsey has dropped out of the kansas race over a twelve year old lawsuit accusing her of sexually harassing a male subordinate ramsey calling the allegations that she arrest and retaliated against the mantle lie in a facebook post friday announcing the end of her campaign in southern california thousands of firefighters be battling wildfires through christmas one firefighter was killed this week national weather service meteorologist rich thomason as means work the way down through sieve through.

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