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You're logged into the joe it shows go follow us on facebook twitter instagram at joe locke show now back to the love hate and the bait on the board of eighteen hundred six weeks at saying sweet call we were saying no way let's get back to it if you guys just like his show is thursday minutes after the hour we're talking to michael lowhanging about over yours in america the father of lindsay lohan we'd he's he's kind enough to hang around in debrecen joined boss to take a couple of phone calls get out to the phone lines jake you'll locked in with mike aloha i just lost jake jake calls back i'm sorry give me a call back jake i'm sorry i pushed the wrong but hey mike are you there yeah we got some questions in studio aqaba's wanted to ask you a question hey boss how are you good thank you now i can remember seeing you i think on the fifth season of celebrity rehab yes this watching this show i love fireworks followers are commenting on how transparent you are now you have to be very transparent to share all of that information on a tv show so i guess my question is do you find it easy to be transparent and does that transparency and more specifically being on the tv show did help your situation i mean look at i have to give credit to the producers of celebrity yeah family therapy that i did with my ex wife dina because they really are reality nothing is staged from the minute you wake up in the morning when they see a move because this cameras in your room the minute you wake up they mike you have a camera on you so you can't be anything i mean can you be can you fake it you know i guess people can but i am who i am and i'm not going to portray something or be something that i'm not it's just not i can't do that look at everyone has their faults in order to get by your fault shift to come to terms with like what i came out of when i came out of jail with like dwi when all the pressure's waiting outside i said okay i got a dwi going through divorce with my wife i slapped a launch and never hit her again i ditch routes attract and i've been clean.

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